+Rep. Smooth transaction. Thanks.

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+rep, thanks!

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+rep the trade went smooth and without any issues. recommended!

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+Rep - high value trade. he went first with inventory items, then i sent my key. quick, simple, no problems. would trade again.

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Super Thanks for Trade! )

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+Rep. Quick, friendly and trustworthy trader. :)

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Nice fast trader, would recommend, +REP

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User refused to compensate for a Russian locked Giftlink, and instead suggested I contact Humble Support, as the trade is now concluded from his end, meanwhile he's playing the game I sent him.


I sent SAKHAZKY my key of "Video Blogger Story", but my key .. was a duplicate
No Problem. I'll send you something else.

We then agreed on my "Sudden Strike 4", as the replacement key,
in return I would get "Golf With Your Friends", while evading the subject of where he was from.

I sent him the Giftlink first and I knew it worked because within seconds he had installed and is already playing it during our conversation before I've yet to receive anything.

Red Flag.

SAKHAZKY then sends a RU/CIS Giftlink of "Golf With Your Friends",
Humble wouldn't accept my email because of region issues, so there's no loss for him.

I had chosen another game as replacement in which he .. would think about
Maybe I should of thought about it before sending you a replacement key earlier.

Bonus chatlogs

SAKHAZKY was given multiple chances to reconsider before I wrote this review over a €1.95 euro game

SAKHAZKY will leave revenge rep

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I think it is very strange to demand the return of a working key that can be activated in another region you know?
Dear The Bug, did you know where you were going when you asked for the key to my game and why are you asking for a replacement?
You can change the region to RU / CIS and back in five minutes without the threat of an account ban.
Just like activating my gift link in a new humble account.
If you really needed my game, you'd be smart enough to get around this problem.
Dear trading community, I ask your support to vote to remove this review. And also to prevent The Bug from finding such elegant reasons for replacing a game he was disappointed with.

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+Rep! fast & friendly trader!

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good, fast, friendly trader! +rep!

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+rep Fast and trustworthy trader.

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  • rep. This guy think he is a center of the Universe and can't wait )))
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thanks for trading

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Good Trader

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+rep, good trader!

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+rep fair guy, will recommend for sure :3

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Very nice, fast & honest trader. REP+++

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+rep, we traded a Steam inventory gift for a CD key and there were no issues.

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Благодарю за обмен, +REP!

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+rep, good trader :)

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  • rep fast and good trade
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+rep, great trader

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+rep best Trader!!

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+Rep, awesome trader! ))

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Successful trade! +rep

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+rep fair and smooth trader! recommended!

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+rep Good Trader!

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