Nice trader . Did not deserved the - rep.

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Trade at your own risk!

He is already known for his quick judgments (look at his feedbacks):

LordOfDarkFlame: "Friend of disgruntled user 'Stonebroke' that is doing a negative post to smear a user's trade rep ..." (pic)

I got 99 friends on steam. ^^ And yes, 'Stonebroke' ("steenbreker" on steam) is one of them, because I traded with him in the past.

He edited:

LordOfDarkFlame: "Smurf account of disgruntled user 'Stonebroke' that is doing a negative post to smear a user's trade rep ..." (pic)

To the point: In the past he gave me a keycode of a game which was later revoked at Steam. Now after a very long time, I became aware of him by voting here on on his feedback.

Be careful with him! He'll probably deny everything!

He tells nonsense in his "2nd .. ", "3rd .. ", "4th Edit". Steam wasn't fully available for a while. What a psycho!

(His mistake in his "4th Edit" ... "5th", the reason is a trade in an other trading community! LordOfDarkFlame, please keep being ridiculous!)

He's welcome to go on telling us about his delusions.

Dear community, please keep this feedback up!

Because of his countless edits and his revenge-rep meanwhile it was time to get more concrete here. (pls use a new tab if you want to read more) Not added here to preserve your precious time.

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Smurf account of disgruntled user 'Stonebroke' from 4 days ago that is doing a negative post to smear a user's trade rep - WHICH IS AGAINST TERMS OF SERVICE!

LMFAO look at this life-noob posting lies on other people's accounts:
"To the point: In the past he gave me a keycode of a game which was later revoked at Steam. Now after a very long time, I became aware of him by voting here on on his feedback." - acci001

You got proof? Provide proof otherwise you're lying - again!
If you provide proof i'll give you $100 Steam Wallet Credit!
Show me a chatlog of us talking from your chat, and i'll have my contacts at Valve to cross-reference it to confirm authentic:

How the fuck did i sell you a game key when ALL YOUR GAMES ON YOUR LIBRARY ARE F2P!? LMFAO!!!
I like how every game on your steam account was a key given out for free at one time and f2p over a free weekend:

Don't be mad cause i refused to do business with you.

I have 2,200 manual trades each over $100+ transactions on Steam donkey! If i was a scammer i'd have a 'Trade Ban' on my Steam account. Every single person a happy customer:
Unlike you that takes advantage of others:
You use smurf accounts and have a German Hitler rage personality as shown in other people's chat

*2nd Edit:
Awwww you changed your Steam URL because you got scared that you got caught!

Get fucking rekt trading noob!

*3rd Edit:
Looks like you changed your URL back to it's original after you read this. Don't want to look guilty hey?

*4th Edit:
Looks like you removed your main account from your smurf now you got busted, once on the web, the signature there forever idiot:

*5th Edit:
"And yes, 'Stonebroke' ("steenbreker" on steam) is one of them, because I traded with him in the past." - acci001

Oh really, is that why you have no comment history on his SteamTrades AND Steam homepages?
Your lies are as weak as your daddy's sperm!

See how this user has IDENTICAL forum editing & bold layout as the 'other account':

We all waiting for you to still provide your proof....


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I have one copy of Castle of Illusion is in my inventory.
15 TF2 keys are currently placed on the steam market. That only in advance.

I thought to get rid of 2 of my TF2 Keys for one copy of the game from this User. A "no" is safe, a "yes" could be possible, after one steam-gift from him was priced for 3 Keys. It was a bad idea. If you want to be condemned and you like fairy tales, then you are just right with him.

The adventure of the allegations became more and more acute:
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 of the amusing conversation. (Please read to get a picture of him!)

He claimed:

  • "The game is also going to be delisted from all store fronts in 2020"

(Castle of Illusion was delisted on August 30th, 2016 and relisted on March 30th, 2017. A 2nd delisting is an unconfirmed allegation.)

  • "Mine is an official Steam Inventory copy which you cannot buy from Kinguin."

(That's not right. A proof of my purchase a few days ago. Also tradable. He has no idea!)

  • "I see you have a personal copy of the in your library"

(Where in my games-list, please?!)

  • "[...] AND you have another copy already in your inventory that you're selling"

(I am not selling at g2a, kinguin or other market-places - I haven't "ever" set a fixed price for my steam-gift. It can also be traded for games or an other steam-gift, like any other of my games. :/)

He had nothing to say about his first refuted allegation. On the contrary: He made further allegations. Enclosed the game is "a collector's item", which you should only use yourself and it is not for "someone that just wants it to flip/resell".

The trade with real rarities (collector's items(!)) is reserved only for him. An example: "Afterfall InSanity", a known freebie, delisted (was $4.99 on steam), H:W ratio| is currently 41:11|60+:3 ("Rare!", "collector's item" ^^), he wants to sell it for 5 Keys - somewhat ridiculous! Of course, everyone can set their prices freely. A good right. But he should not indirectly tell people what to do with his copies.

He can't show me a copy of Castle of Illusion in my library because he's a liar! And that's just one of his many misstatements he never explained himself about.

"Looks like you removed your main account from your smurf now you got busted, once on the web, the signature there forever idiot:"

Who's the idiot should be clear. My username on Steam is "steenbreker", "Stonebroke" on steamtrades. The reason why no results are listed on your picture. He sees things that don't exist. He needs urgent medical attention.

But I am flattered that I should have a 2nd account that was at the current time (+120/-0). How does it work? Is the devil on my left shoulder trading with the evil account and the angel on the right shoulder trading with the other account??

He should have been a comedian. His ingenuity knows no bounds to distract from himself.

With all his spiritual imagination, he should have learned one thing. It is pretty stupid messing with the majority. He will actually have this experience when he encounters one of the traders who is allied with several others. That would certainly give him at least five negatives at a time.

His bullshit and personal insinuations find their place here. Sorry!
A simple "no" would have been fine.


You like fairy tales and paranoia?
P1, P2, P3

I just asked for 2 TF2 Keys.
But sorry, he's a continuously lying wannabe!


This user used a second account (@steamtrades) to leave a negative revenge feedback.

Between his registration here on, send an offer to me, my hoped-for answer, adding on steam, chatting, being cheated (send the keys) and writing a negative revenge feedback took a total time of 8 minutes only!

The offer? Our chat? Where are the 9 TF2 keys? A cute idea of revenge, but badly implemented! Best of all, he's accusing me of having a "smurf account". An amusing guy. ^^

What a miracle: a user who was offline for 65 days and from canada too, like him.

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This butthurt broken-english German refuge user is crying that i didn't sell to him at the lowball price that he wanted:
Maybe he should learn to read.
I'm selling the game 75% off Steam listing price on my ad for only 'x3 crate keys', he was trying to get it for 'x2 keys' where that would have me selling it at a loss.

This user is known to have a toxic attitude toward newer users and has a known history of sharking & scamming when he has an opportunity:

When he doesn't get what he wants he leaves a negative post to smear a user's trade rep.
Classic 'passive-aggressive sociopath' personality if you read the chat logs that other users have posted with him.
Please vote to remove this disgruntled childish tempertamtrum post, to keep this community clean.
Thank you kindly.

Now he is using all his smurf accounts to downvote my report by doing a negative post to smear a user's trade rep - which is against Terms Of Service:

*2nd Edit:
See how this user has IDENTICAL forum editing & bold layout as the 'other account':

Looks like you removed your main account from your smurf now you got busted, once on the web, the signature there forever idiot:

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Nice, trustworthy guy. Great to meet you bro.

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+Rep. Good trade, thanks

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+rep very trusthworthy, polite and patient!
He waited me 7 days
It worths trade with him

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+Rep! Legit trader and amazing!

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+rep I Buy Ori and the Blind Forest . All ok.

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+rep traded Flinthook for money, all went through fine :D Recommenced trader very friendly.

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we traded

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Thanks for the trades +Rep

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fast trade ,cool!

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Nice trader + rep

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I had agreed to make a trade with this user, even though the trade WAS clearly to his favor (warhammer: 40,000 steam key, a game easily obtained for less than $2) but I wanted it quickly so I offered one key and 14 ref. I agreed to go first because being new, I have less rep (I was going to send my 1 key and 14 ref as a gift, he wasn't going to send the game until AFTER he received my items). However, when I made the trade offer I noticed it said on the page there is a 2 day hold (which is unusual since my account is mobile authenticated). I suspect the hold was due to his account having a VAC ban on his record (by the way, my account is clean, I have never had any type of bans). I did NOT want my items to be on hold and have to wait 2 days to receive the game but I DID want to do the trade but he mentioned he needed to go. I did NOT want to rush into anything so I told him I would figure out the trade hold (to see if it was on my account and if so, why) and contact him later to do the trade. Then he tried to pressure me into doing the trade even though he too had seen the 2 day hold. By the way, keep in mind, I said "let's do the trade later" and never asked him for his game because I had agreed to go first, yet when he left me negative rep he suggests that I wanted to get his game and then cancel the trade. The reason I told him I wanted to clear the hold later was to AVOID being in a situation where either one of us had to wait for 2 whole days for the trade to finalize. So that makes it clear that I was NOT trying to get his game for free because I cancelled the trade BEFORE he gave me the game. Anyway, I still had every intention of doing this trade but then he started being very rude, accusing me of scamming him (if anything, it is very possible he was trying to scam me, I was just protecting myself). I apologized for wasting his time, he said he was going to report me which I told him to go ahead because I did nothing wrong. I don't mind being reported but it is VERY OBVIOUS this steam user is extremely childish and temperamental and he got upset because I gave him a good offer and then he thought I changed my mind. Although there were red flags (such as the fact that he already had 1 negative rep, 1 vac ban in his account, and his prices were higher than most) I was willing to work things out with him but his response was to insult me and threaten me. Anyways, BUYER BEWARE! Do NOT trust this person, it will be a big waste of time and very dishonest and childish. Now that I have reported this person, I am never dealing with them again, good riddance.
EDIT: This person claims I tried to pay them with PayPal and the payment did not go through. This is not true. No paypal attempt was EVER made because the user disclosed they do not accept PayPal at the beginning of the transaction. This person is actively trying to ruin my reputation.
EDIT: This is NOT a revenge post but rather an HONEST warning. I left this feedback because this person has gone out of his way to tell lies and slander me, such as in his post:
and such as by first claiming my PayPal was declined and then admitting it didn't happen (but that he only said it did since he ASSUMED it would ended up in a scam) and he even went as far as involving someone else who has NOTHING to do with it, defaming them in the process. I don't want anyone to have this experience, it is very unpleasant.

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User posting rep-revenge after i posting this on his profile:

"WARNING! PAYPAL SCAM ATTEMPT, THAN AFTER DECLINED PAYPAL THIS USER HAS A 2 DAY TRADE HOLD AND TRIES TO BUY GAMES WITH KEYS & METAL AND HAS NO PROBLEM GOING FIRST, BECAUSE AFTER THE TRADE IS MADE HE WILL CANCEL THE PAYMENT TRADE OFFER AND RUN OFF WITH YOUR GAMES! I was smart enough not to fall for it, but he tried. Also, this is a smurf account of many Steam accounts that he has that ive tracked him on through Valve. Trade at your own risk!"


1) You offered paypal which would have ended up a paypal scam.
2) I MYSELF NOTICED the 2 day trade hold on YOUR account as its a smurf account on Steam.
3) After I pointed out your trade hold you canceled the trade offer and ran.

You got caught on a scam attempt using multiple smurf accounts, you got busted, deal with it! Posted here so innocent people are warned of your ways before attempting to 'trade' with you.

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+rep nice trader thanks!

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+rep nice trader

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-REP unstable and grouchy trader.

You should keep back if you don't want any trouble in future!

He leaved a negative rep for nothing and community appealed it. I didn't force him to do anything. He offered and i accepted, that's it! The next day he said "i found a better deal after we done, include the remained game for free!". Surely I refused, why should I? Everbody can find a better price if search enough, that was not my mistake and it isn't gulling. Prices can change trader by trader so i price my games in my own way, like him. Check his prices of his tradables, he asking overprices for them so is he trying to rip off?.. He is such a unstable trader and accused my flawless profile with fraud.

View attached image.
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Found out the next day that he sharked me out an extra x2 TF2 keys for one game and another x1 TF2 keys for another game vs what the rest of the community was selling for. Didn't include another crap game that I asked to be included as part of my GENEROUS total x7 TF2 key original offer in order to try and shark me out of as much profit as he could. Was my first day as part of the community, and was my fault for approving the trade, but ripping people off is not how I treat my customers. He wanted me to buy more games from him, but I refuse to give future business to someone that sharks people. He posted a negative rep on this profile in rep-revenge after I left a negative review on his profile based on my horrible exp with this guy. Ive had members contact me that he's also been begging users that he has contact with to downvote this Vote, which later got removed on his homepage.

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