-rep, rude guy. Avoid!
I never traded with him but I offered a game I bought from a $3 bundle for a game from a $1 bundle on Barter and he commented "was included in 16 bundles... unbelievable" and blocked me! https://barter.vg/u/2f64/o/2623056/
Stop thinking your games are oil because they're not. The fact that your game was included in a $1 tier means that from this point on your game is low value. You could have just declined it but no, you had to block me.


So far he always send me very bad offers

A -rep by an obviously offended toddler.

I've sent you exactly 2 offers including this one.
Let's see my previous offer from 9 months ago: Ara Fell ($2 bundle) + 1 sack of gems for a game from a $1 bundle? Not so bad for me. Again, you overvalue your game and you calling me an offended toddler further proves my point that you're a rude asshole.

EDIT #2:

Maybe that's the reason why he already has a rejection rate of 87% on his 182 offers.

Don't talk about my rejection rate considering you have a 74% rejection rate with over 2k offers

EDIT #3:

So far he always send me very bad offers (on barter.vg and steamtrades.com)

You've just edited your reply to make it seem like I also sent you offers on steamtrades. You sent me an insulting offer once - 300 gems for 2 games and I sent you an offer only once - I asked you how many gems you'd want for Pacman 256 and you replied to that saying you do not accept gems. So please do not make it seem like I'm harassing you with stupid offers, we only had 4 interactions (2 steamtrades, 2 barter), 1 of which was initiated by you.

EDIT #4:

That's only half the truth! Enclosed you forget that the Gems lost a lot of value and that's why I said that I don't want Gems any more. And my 300 Gems offer was November 2017 where one sack was worth 0.75€.

I do not and did not care about you declining to accept gems for Pacman, you are missing the point.. I just said that I only ever offered 3 offers to you while you try to make it seem like I just keep sending you shitty offers every other day (Plus, none of the offers I've ever made to you were even remotely shitty)..

A note to the community

I ask the community to keep this feedback up. There is no place in this community for rude and arrogant traders. Other traders should be aware of his rude manners.

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Yes, I wrote ""16✽" ... unbelievable ^^".
(16✽ = 16 times bundled game)

And yes, I blocked him on barter.vg because I don't want any more such offers from him.

So far he always send me very bad offers (on barter.vg and steamtrades.com). He send me very bad listed games I visibly don't want to have, for my games that have just been bundled.

Maybe that's the reason why he already has a rejection rate of 88% on his 185 offers. All >85% of 100 or more sended offers is definitely an unfairly oriented trader - this is generally known from experience on barter.vg. I put people like him on the ignore list of barter.vg more and more often.

A -rep by an obviously offended toddler. I think, this behaviour shows that I acted correctly.

How clearly to read, he bases his feedback on the statements of others. When he noticed that he went blocked and reading my ratings so far, this was the reason to get his anger out of here.

Edit because of his meaningless statement and his proven lie:

"Stop thinking your games are oil because they're not."

I'm not doing that. They just haven't been bundled up countless times. And besides, the main reason is that I didn't want your game. Even less a 16 times bundled game. (Here to see again)

"EDIT #3: You've just edited your reply to make it seem like I also sent you offers on steamtrades. You sent me an insulting offer once - 300 gems for 2 games and I sent you an offer only once - I asked you how many gems you'd want for Pacman 256 and you replied to that saying you do not accept gems. So please do not make it seem like I'm harassing you with stupid offers, we only had 4 interactions (2 steamtrades, 2 barter), 1 of which was initiated by you."

That's only half the truth! Enclosed you forget that the Gems lost a lot of value and that's why I said that I don't want Gems any more. And my 300 Gems offer was November 2017 where one sack was worth 0.75€.

And what you seem to have completely forgotten:
I have offered 300 Gems for two games based on your fixed prices! 150 Gems for each Game!!
Amusing ... so I sent you an insulting offer?? A stupid lie, as the screenshots show!

Dear Community ...
... back to the 300 Gems offer: "message me on Steam whenever you are available"
I tried that a little later. But he had already removed me from his friends list on steam without any comment. That's why I also posted below " :( ".

And in general it doesn't matter how many offers caused my decision.

Being offended and giving me negative feedback is one thing. But being a bad example of one's own words and the past is another thing.

One should always stick to the truth, because the truth is often omnipresent!

Actually there was already a reason in advance to put him on the ignore list on barter.vg. And today I wished I had done it.


Someone who feels offended by his own prices and has even less understanding for the decisions of others. All this after not being able to keep his own word and building a lie on the past.

Sorry, but this person deserves to be ignored.

Thanks to the 56% of users who voted to remove his feedback!

But I've come to terms with the fact that my past is catching up with me.

Unfortunately, the voting system is also generally at the mercy of a little very corrupt gang. So users are also evaluated by third parties out of revenge. I can provide evidence for this, which I will do very soon in a separate thread.

What pisses me off the most is hypocrisy. They searches specifically for inexperienced users and makes money. Here through low reputations or on barter.vg by User-search "days on Barter.vg".

You should have a look at the received offers of these (partly) newcomers. Then you will find those who should be evaluated for their intentions. Exactly these hypocrites who have already been sorted out by me immediately.

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A funny swindler.

Steam Gift Inventory trades TF2 KEY and GEMS. OFFER trades at the same time. The seller says that the buyer is a cheater. The ugly behavior makes people laugh.

As a transaction, the buyer offers to negotiate the price, but the negotiation is fruitless. The buyer gets the price that he did not reach before. Within a few minutes, you can easily pull the other party into the blacklist. Obviously, you lack a person's self-cultivation. You shouldn't appear on this trading website and pull everything down. People's credibility, you are a liar, a real liar.

This fellow barks like a dog after I give him - rep, and avoids the original problems in my conversation. He knows how to avoid in conversation very well, but these are useless. When he communicates with others, he will show his drawbacks. People will see through his conspiracy and real cheaters.

7 months ago* Permalink

He lied to me. After his previous attempts to push the "fixed" price down in any way, his words were as follows:

" [...] I only have 1686+200. "

But he still had two more tradable sacks!!

Sorry, I don't feel like dealing with someone who's building his explanation on a lie. And yes, I blocked him unannounced on steam for that. A little later, he realized he couldn't send me a trade-offer on steam.

Conversation: Page 1, Page 2
(once completely from Mobile-Device, before he deleted one of his comments)

His -rep just reflects his frustration because he didn't get what he wanted.

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This man claimed that he sent me a key and made a dispute on Barter about it. The fact is we never sent anything to each other. It's a lie because I cancelled a deal before it happened.

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-rep we made a trade for a cod waw key region locked to Europe, all went good, but when i opened the game, the whole game was on german, and can't be changed, i told him about this problem and he refused to give me my keys back, horrible trader don't trade with him

https://ibb.co/iA5Ujm (Activated key showing that it's for german)

https://ibb.co/mLr8c6 (Chat with him)

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I have no idea what went wrong with him. An hour later he wanted his CSGO keys back and thus the game for free.

Only later does he want to recognize the resulting activation, which he shows as screenshot above.

The game has several languages, as shown on Steam's shop page. The restriction was exclusively EU and he could activate it in Spain.

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Bad experience with this trader

We agreed to this Barter trade. Then he contacted me on Steam. When I told him I had to leave for 30 minutes he went berserk and immediately demanded to cancel the trade because he thought I was ignoring him on purpose while playing games. In his own words, "Not responded immediately after adoption. Sat down me on wait. [...] There were games played on your Account." Apparently never heard about idling.

I agreed to cancel but since he seemed a person prone to overreaction, I asked him to do it first. He never did. Just let the offer expire.

I also told him I would report it here but completely forgot about it. Fortunately he reminded me today how good for the community would be to do so.

Screen-shot of the whole chat session here.

It may well happen to you

As of this writing he has 21 negative reps on ST, most of them mentioning his bad attitude, impatience, rudeness and paranoid traits. So, by engaging on a trade with him you're exposed to have a moment you'll want to forget. He won't even bother to apologize for his attitude. Totally not recommended dealing with this person.


If you have a life, spare yourself the mishap and don't trade with impatient/rude people.

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We never traded. He comes to me with a 2 years old offer, after he didn't like my words in Barter Forum. As a moderator, he behaves like a great king. His feedback was only out of revenge because I broke off the trade in the past.

Here to read.

Why did he keep sending me offers for more than 7 months after his well-founded incident?
His offended ego abusing this reputation system!

Arrogant, constantly correcting others for poor English and always knows everything better. And yes, I confronted him with that.

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"Trade at your own risk."

Extremely negative attitude. I did nothing to harm him and he said a lot of things which is very toxic in the trading community.

Called me a "forcer", accusing me of forcing him into the trade. I did not force him. He could have cancelled after I have given him the key.

He wanted a giftlink. I did not undstand as i am new to trading, and my game was from bundle stars. I had a fault but for me there was no harm done.

Nobody forced you. I did not force you. Everyone can see it from the chat. Please learn properly on how to understand English.

Also i bought all of those games except for the one that you gave me and 2 others. I have money.

Evidently on my barter.vg account that i have:
Days on Barter 33
Items Traded 3
Received 3


plus dont provide evidence that is incomplete. the image you posted is not complete:

here is the complete conversation https://imgur.com/a/ifnwF

Please stop being stupid and stop accusing people of forcing you, as can be seen on your negative reviews. He keeps accusing that people forced him into the trade.

He made a revenge post for this. And he keeps making things up to make me look bad. Says things which is not related to the trade.

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EDIT: Attention

Lapisepi haunted or created Fake-"+reps" now!

Please check the last 5 +reps of him! Users with near similar "Registered" and "Last Online" Times and with no +rep in return from Lapisepi!! All the 5 of these are also +rep each other. Only Lapisepi did not!!

Lapisepi has now +reps from the following Users: EmersonGwapo, IdolJes, edwardpogi, oyodaboyo, Skidwolfe (all few hours ago, but did not one + rep in return)

I know very good that Lapisepi has only one tradable game: "Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide" (source: barter.vg - he could chanced now). He never started a Trade-Topic here on steamtrades.com. This is nothing special. But ...

"EmersonGwapo" has no +reps (no +rep in return from Lapisepi) "Registered" and "Last Online" 4 hours ago!!! No Trading-Topic here on steamtrade.com, Steam-Level 3, Games: 2

"IdolJes" has also +reps from User EmersonGwapo (few hours ago, but no +rep in return from Lapisepi) "Registered" and "Last Online" 4 hours ago!!! No Trading-Topic here on steamtrade.com, Steam-Level 2, Games: 2

"edwardpogi" has also +reps from User EmersonGwapo, IdolJes (all few hours ago, but no +rep in return from Lapisepi) "Registered" and "Last Online" 5 hours ago!!! No Trading-Topic here on steamtrade.com, Steam-Level 2, Games: 2

"oyodaboyo" has also +reps from User EmersonGwapo, IdolJes, edwardpogi (all few hours ago, but no +rep in return from Lapisepi) "Registered" and "Last Online" 17 hours ago!!! No Trading-Topic here on steamtrade.com, Steam-Level 1, Games: 3

"Skidwolfe" has also +reps from User EmersonGwapo, IdolJes, edwardpogi (all few hours ago, but no +rep in return from Lapisepi)

The Main to his -rep

I told him I think about to left a -rep on steamtrades.com and link a screenshot of the conversation. But first I did not.

He forced me minutes ago after I asked for a giftlink! 2times his "SORRY" in chat and he started to left a -rep after a successful activated keycode and his confirmation!!

Here the chat and the trade at barter.vg. And yes, directly words for his unfair move.

I solved with sadness and now -rep for a completed trade? From a self-titled "Beginner" with > 370 games who never trade and never know something about giftlinks?? And he argues with bundlestars-keys later??? So he know very good what a giftlink is! Where is the way to cancel anyway if a keycode is already posted.

The Reputation-System should only provide information on the success of the trade. Of course, also about communication each other. He abuses it for his effeminate ego!

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Trade at your own risk.

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I asked for a giftlink at the beginning in Steam-Chat!!
Why furthermore he forced a trade?
Deliberately, he pushed the keycode to me ... with his words "I have the serial only ...". I had no choice to cancel!

And: He got his game, which he also confirmed "Thats works"

He forced this trade with sending his keycode anyway I asked for a giftlink! And blackmailed with -rep!

He claimed one of my was a duplicate. I had to send 2 Keycodes!

Please look Screenshot!

2 years ago* Permalink


Don't trade with him, he is a SCAMMER, as you can see from his 25 negative reps.
He is greedy and not without cause has so many negatives. After all, it even adds you in Steam and with all his insolence he tells you that he was just going to check something ...


2 years ago* Permalink

Please don't be surprised - he already changed his name and avatar several times.

I can do it shortly: He asked for "Overlord" - he got Overlord!
Is something to read about "Fellowship of Evil"? At the beginning and even later, before I sent my keycode?

Clearly No! The point is, I will not be blackmailed. The stupidest thing he could do.

And after all he got my 50 cards and i got nothing ...

Liar, he got a keycode for "Overlord" which he also asked me.
edeseu, always be fair please. No one in this world need to understand or speculate what you really want to have, if you're just stupid to make concrete offers.

You know exactly which Overlord i mean with your comment - Thank you for the 50 cards for game given away for free few days ago

Oh yes, thanks again! But my comment was much later - after your feedback here and after your insults and "Scammer"-Spam in my 3 threads. Trust me, your decision hurts you more than me. ;)

Seriously, he thought I do "Overlord: Fellowship of Evil" - only 6 available on steamtrades.com, nonbundled!! - for only 50 cards? Sure, thanks for this joke which I usually welcome every day in shapes of lowball offers.

Therefore there are 2 possibilities: Either he tried to trick me or he's a pitiful idiot. But the real truth does not interest me. 50 Cards back or not - he would have kept his feedback to me. These were his words!

Complete conversation (sry, many screenshots from little screen):
Pic 1 I said, "Oddworld I can not do for Cards." Why then more for "Fellowship of Evil"??!! Were be silly, or?

Also stop try to go with that nonbundle , it was 2Euro at steam at some sale

Show me little dreamer or check more ITAD ;)

Pic 2 Here again his confirmation for "Overlord" and ~3 hours later he sended his cards.
Pic 3 Here the first words about "Fellowship of Evil"!!
Pic 4 "Fellowship of Evil" for $2? Nice dumping here. And I should know what was meant, sure. Next time I think for others, lol. He has no insight for his mistake.
Pic 5 He continues with the confrontation, I should know what was meant, makes clear his position about reputation and forgets that I still sent a keycode.
Pic 6 insults, instead to give me something little for my shown keycode. His behavior made me more and more stubborn.
Pic 7 "i dont know why i trade with you" I have an answer for that. He has been looking for an idiot, whom he can blackmail with reputation if necessary. Why else? The -18 he had already seen, right? ;)
Pic 8 "your -rep will stay", clear words. Really needed no further words to continue discuss to find a solution. Insteadly insult again.
Pic 9 Insult & Insult
Pic 10 Actually pointless continue to respond to it. Only proud talking about his clean reputation he has. Left me unimpressed. Mister perfect shows furthermore no insight.
Pic 11 Suggestion without future, because of its arogant behavior.
Pic 12 Here I offered to send his Cards back. But he did not want to give me anything for "Overlord," but his key was already known to him.
Pic 13 his last 2 lines.

I do not think for others(?). "Hey man, SOMA for my Deponia is not good for you" If I got 50 Cards for Overlord - I take it in a trading-world which are lowballs 95% of all offers with profit intentions. I get daily deals, purest insults to any intelligence. And yes ... those offers annoys me sometimes. This is my weakness and I admit that.

But he would never do, of course. He would say "Hey man, 50 Cards for my Deponia is not good for you. Or do you mean my Deponia: The Complete Journey?" ... absolutely! :D


keep added more things , you just suck ... why added only steam , not g2a ?! because there is a proof that your game worth 2 Euro , stupid kid

What is wrong in your sick brain? Proof?? Look here, it's retail (DVD-Box as Trilogie)!! (includes 4 Keycodes), surely not for 2 Euro.

You bore me in my thread. Go to Mom's breast crying baby. Terrible what your sick brain creates. And who lies? Recently you did not even know that Overlord was for free. And now you're arguing not to have to give me anything for my given keycode?! lol, btw. your cards not worth $1. Some not tradable, most 1-2ct - you got nothing back now. I keep your cards as deposit.

You called me scammer based on your mistake and no insight. I think more you are the scammer with creating unconcrete offers to trick out peoples unbundled games you never could bought, because you're obvious a poor sausage. "Overlord" is "Overlord", nothing else. You think you did not make a mistake and sended keycodes are nothing worth to you - known as "given away" or not - in your view maybe, because you are not mature enough to admit your own mistakes. Therefore: hurry baby, Mom awaits you :)

He conceals facts. Not just once. I could left dozens of links, in which he constantly insults or trying to boycott my trades. So pitiful behavior!

And here he abuses the trading-platform because of his obvious helplessness. Absolutely crazy.

With his sick intention to boycott future trades, here he now comfirmed again "Overlord" for 50 Cards. Now with the lie, my key is now Duplicate. Always more adventurous. And in steam chat he says, he already have this game and I can keep my sended keycode (he don't need).

He now runs around my threads posting "50 CARDS FOR DUPLICATE KEY OF OVERLORD , FUCKING SCAMMER " ... and he wonder? Everyone could take now the keycode from the posted screenshots ... lol, what bonehead!

And now, after he has shot all his ammunition, his despair begins ...

okay now i can be rude ...

But read for yourself ... he insulted my dead mother at the highest level! (an overreaction of someone who lost his toys. I think some should better not play video games.)

How stupid to try to change his own mistake against another reason now. Double pitiful !

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Very impatient, called me a scammer and blocked me and then -repped me because I took 10 minutes to respond to a message on Steam. "R u ready for trade? Still there? You do not want to keep your offer. Right? I do not need scammers. blocked. (save chat log)"
The first -rep on their page had a similar problem as me: "Gave me negative feedback when we didn't even make a trade. He canceled the trade because he got insulted that I merely ASKED if I could trade for another game"
Full chat log - https://pastebin.com/hVDvbamr
Screenshots - http://imgur.com/a/sNOHE

2 years ago* Permalink

First he sent this generous offer on barter.vg (1x monthly + 2x "Killer Bundle 9" items for one of my HB lowtier) ... little suspicious! And no more words after his "I can add more games ...".

No one of us send anything. After 16 minutes he told he was watching youtube. But he lies, he has typed in the meantime (the steam chat showed it partially).
I tried to settle the dispute. But he refused.

Beware this Faker! Don't trust his offers and his excuses!

2 years ago* Permalink

Avoid. sent the keys but got nothing. not a nice trader. Avoid.

2 years ago Permalink

He send me a duplicate-key of Cast of the Seven Godsends - Redux from a 2:1 barter-trade.

Btw his last words in chat ...
AngryCow: alright. i will contact their support. if you want you can select another game from my list to complete the trade
AngryCow: or you can keep the game you already activated, im fine either way

Just because I found no alternative game to solve the trade, he disappeared and left this one here.
He should better learn to handle his Keycodes!!

(here a screenshot of steam-chat - first, I was wrong which of both games was successfully activated, because I was also on telephone)

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Added me on Steam just to badmouth. Seems like a nice guy. I actually blocked him. The jpg he bothered to link merely shows that I reviewed his feedback, saw that he was an abusive person, and wished to retract my offer on those grounds. I do not deal with abusive people, especially over something so trivial as videogames that I can just as easily go buy and probably will.

Quite pathetic and beneath me once it's gone this far. I pity this person. I'm not sweating what..10$? The keys I offered you will probably sit here for years because I'll forget about them in a week or two. No, I stuck around and left feedback because of what an atrocity this is. It's like watching a bum trying to fist fight a passer-by over a quarter that the passer-buy has no interest in. Keep your quarter. I'll likely never trade here because of the greed, let alone people like you, and as such, I'm not opposed to saying what I want to say to you right here. I can only hope this isn't deleted. This is such a meaningless and trivial endeavor to begin with, and there's someone being savage about it as if we're all in a scramble to get these things--as if this is life. I'm embarrassed to have even had interaction with you, because the event has shown me once again, that disgusting and pathetic people exist in every nook and cranny of society. In closing, I would like to reiterate, keep your quarter, you dirty bum.

Edit: Only because you retaliated with negative feedback. It's really not hurting me.

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Gave me a negative feedback, because I did not accept his offer. HERE you can see.
He began to be personal - sorry, so I blocked him on steam.

2 years ago* Permalink

-REP, negotiating like a jew and expects to get a game i paid 1.04€ (Battlefield Bad Company 2 Origin, it's not my problem you value your Origin keys lower than Steam keys). for some of the shittier bundled games he has (I originally wanted The Walking Dead Season 1 or Call of Juarez Gunslinger in exchange for my BF), after calling that out, he is apperantly butthurt and -REPs me

"He says, he has invest $30 in these Origin-Keys and he tries to trade against less"
I've already explained in your trade that after a bundle ends, MOST people are whiling to trade their better 1$ bundled games for games or items worth at least a ToD or over 1€
(in case he deletes his comments, here is a mirror http://imgur.com/a/Cje4C )
And what my VAC has to do with trading, you smartass? Just because i have VAC doesen't mean anything in trading in general
" talking nonsense about deleted comments, which your screenshots not showing."
Deleted comments wich my screenshot is not showing, what? That poor dude tries to defend himself by blackmail me, lol
"He says, he has invest (first) $10 (later) $30 in these 30 Origin-Keys"
You illiterate motherfucker, you can't read or something? I writed at first "just because i have almost 30 copies it doesen't mean i paid 10€ for all copies"
IT DOESEN"T MEAN . Learn to fucking read, all your arguments are invalid and i laugh with voice everytime you post new shit in reply to me, even now i am literally laughing while i am writing you this.

2 years ago* Permalink

Called my fair offer "forced" thing. Great trader. Good in mathematics. Does only non-profit deals. Very honest person (even to himself).

2 years ago* Permalink

Abandoned the trade. One of the rudest most uptight human beings on planet earth. You know the crazy people who go on mass shootings?

Stonebroke...aka Steenbreker. Scary dude. Avoid at all costs!

By the way...i know Hitler considered Germans a race...hate to break it to you, German isnt a race =(.

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Got offended for no reason and gave me a negative review. He may be a good trader, not a good person.

3 years ago Permalink

i really don't know why a person have to steal games in this way... and i dont know why i am the 11th that say this!!!

3 years ago Permalink

Be careful with Stonebroke (+295/-9) !!!

First, everyone can check the whole complete talking history (Stonebroke only present what part is good for him)

He is not afraid of doing wrong cause he has many good reps more than small potato of mine.

He forgot what my topic is saying [W] outlast, speedrunners, tropico 5, Chivalry, thief, Grim Fandango (giftlink)

Yes, he could say no, you only want Grim Fandango for gift link, not eveything.

I guess he would like to go back to elementary school study for grammar , and also need to learn what is the good manner in society.

I suppose I should give some example how do they name the topic, otherwise no one would like to trust the words from a small guy.

[H]The Witcher 2/LYNE/Sakura Spirit/Banished ROW Gift[W]CSGO keys

[H] Age of Empires II, Garry's Mod, Dead Space, Fight The Dragon, ETS 2, FEZ, NFS & 800+ Gifts

He presents that I am greedy to get more games, is my word in a serious and violent way to do that? did I say I just ask, if you want more games, you would agree my request. Anyway, he didnt have any advantage to fight the truth, so this thing is the only thing he could enlarge and manage.

What can i do in that position, he dont want to give me the same game in gift link, I guest the only way is redeem it, no other better choice, cause he would delete my friend request, wont discuss anything more.

did he really threat me ?

whiteblack (zxp930603): I just said in my post, also at topic words, I want gift link

what he reply?

Stonebroke: but understand.. you want making problems. I screen your thread and this chat.

why didnt I say want gift link first?

I alredy said in post and topic....and I presented hime a gift link, why Stonebroke didnt ask me too ?

I guess there is really a lot of joy on SG.

P.s go to Stonebroke post, check his discussion with anyone, he is so rude to someone who wont trade what he want.

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  • Rep bad trader omg this is the first time I see a stupid trader , I am now the 9th person who said that this guy is a bad trader
3 years ago Permalink

Changing my rating based on a second trade that never happened. Keep in mind this was a Barter trade that was a FULL 2 DAYS away from expiring.

5:09 AM - steenbreker: Hello
7:19 AM - steenbreker is now Online.
7:19 AM - steenbreker: Hello?
2:01 PM - steenbreker is now Online.
2:02 PM - steenbreker: Hello
2:11 PM - steenbreker: Tried 3 times contact you for only one simple respond. The planet does not turns only you. I don't hold on this and for future trades with you.
2:11 PM - steenbreker is now Offline.
3:16 PM - steenbreker is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
3:17 PM - KinkyCyborg: Pardon me?! For your information I have been at work for the last 12 hours straight.... if it looks like I'm in a game it is because I am using Idle Master and just farming for cards.
3:18 PM - KinkyCyborg: If you are that impatient and that rude just because I didn't get back to you fast enough you can take your game and shove it right up your ass.

I didn't respond to him within an 8 Hour stretch because I was at work and he goes mental... then abandoned our trade. Of course he unfriended me before I sent my reply so he never saw it but he can read it here. I'm sure he'll leave me my first ever negative in retaliation but it's well worth it to warn the world about this douchebag. Avoid him like the plague.

3 years ago* Permalink

I canceled the trade because no answer from him. My free decision. And it was not 8 hours but 2 days. KinkyCyborg is little tricky and post only the time to make me look extremely impatient.
His negative feedback testifies to his frustration. I am so sorry for him.

2 years ago* Permalink

He kept talking nonsense that made no sense and i didnt have a i didnt have translator with me to tell me what hes actually talking about , he blows his key value uo out of proportion against gift value not listening what i was trying to explain because hes type of person who always has to be right in a room when everyone knows hes not but they let him once to many times so he keeps doing it, doesnt know how to read betwin lines.
i might not have any rep on this account but i run successful key/gift/wow,tera,rift, Poe currency busnies on epvpers and g2a wount even go any further as forex where real money comes in, si when i have spare time and want to chill troll few backward english people i use this 3rd grade websites for pure fun and mostly just give away stuff even though i have trade my dude for whom could be said hes our money maneger.

anyways i know he will probably go paste screenshots and blah blah blah on my profile but will leave out the part where i was offering him pack of 3 game +dlcs gift for 1 shity key that requires you to pay 30€ for dlcs and he told me to chose other game after explaining i already own all of them 3 times. im to lazy and my secretary is knocking on door so duty calls.

peace out and stay frosty and naver give up on trolling ppl that deserve to be trolled for what ever reason even me for my arogance but ill probably enjoy it and you will waste your time but your still welcome to try it :D

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*Edit because of a mistake (check the end of the google doc)

*English is my second language so I am sorry for the mistake.

I didn’t know that today I was going to write this negative feedback, but right now I have no other choice. In fact, I didn’t know at all that I was going to do any negative feedback on this website and I am very sad that I need to do it.
Maybe I will have a negative feedback on my profile because of this text, but I take this risk because I really need to tell what happen with this person. I really think that a good feedback it’s a feedback with a lot of text to explain everything that happen in a trade, even if the trade is a positive or a negative trade. So this is the story of my trade with Stonebroke.

Like every trade, I had a game that I didn't need and a found the trading page of Stonebroke where he needed this game. So I propose to him to do a trade. I am really not demanding in a trade and I accept anything that he could give me that I didn't already own. That means, it could be any game and he did the choice and he chooses a game. I sent a steam friend invitation and I wait. This is the first exchange :

Me : Insurgency in gift link (me) vs a game of your choice that I don't have (you) http://steamcommunity.com/id/Forfal/games/?tab=all

StoneBroke : Earth 2150 - Lost Souls or Epigenesis or X-Blades or Burstfire.

I sent a steam friend invitation and I wait. With this waiting I didn't notice before, but now I saw that this person had five negatives feedbacks and that scare me. How a person can have so many negative feedback. I know that some people can be angry for no reason some time, but five was a big number for me. I didn't have a lot to lose so I choose to continue the trade.
So at the beginning I needed to him to accept the friend request, normal. The day after, I saw that he had accepted the friend request, but he was offline. I couldn't to the trade because he was offline so I was waiting. I am a lot of time in the day on my computer so I just let open my steam I check some time if he log on. It didn't happen in the first day. I go sleep and I let my computer open like always.

The second day, I woke up and I check my computer to saw that he sends me a message to do the trade. I answer him by something like « hello » but he wasn't there at the beginning and after he log off. That can happen. It happened before to me and it wasn't a big deal. I only need to wait to see him again. I check several times to see if he was there and nothing. I tell me that I only need to wait to the day after.

  • This part is remove because I confond this event with a another trade that work well. I don't remove it, I put it at the end of the Gdoc)

Some time in these days, when I was sleeping, I received some message of him like « hello ». For him I was online, but I was sleeping because I let my computer open all the time. With all these days I never had the chance to meet him in the same time and this is not my fault. I mean, I think that I am already too often on my computer, I can be often more, this makes any sense.
So where the thing began to be very bad it's after all this time where I couldn't saw him I receive a message of him telling me that I ignore him and because of that he canceled the trade and ban me of his steam friend list. I wish I could do a screenshot of this conversation, but at the second I close the chat windows on my computer, I never could open it again, he had ban me. It was clearly a misunderstanding.

I figure it out and I was really thinking that we live in two different time zone. When I was sleeping, he was awake and when I was awake, he was sleeping. I check and Stonebroke live in Germany, when I live in Canada. I am very aware of this because I play with a lot French person and I know the effect of different times zones.

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Very rude from the start of the trade. Demanded to know who I am (what kind of question is that on the internet, you want my house address, idiot?) He demanded to know what trade I was offering, even though I'd already explained it to him and he chose to ignore that in favour of demanding to know where I found his profile. He also said I "must go first" which I was prepared to do before he started fussing and wasting my time.

He checked the value of my games vs his in the Steam store. I showed him that mine were worth more than his. I wanted him to give me Weird Park Trilogy (£14.99), Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts (£3.99), and Victoria II (£14.99) for a total of £33.97. I was going to give him Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut (£6.99), Sir, You Are Being Hunted (£14.99) and Goodbye Deponia (£16.99) for a total of £38.97. My games were worth £5 more than his.

He complained that the prices were in pounds, not dollars or euros. However, no matter which currency is used, the games I was offering were worth more than the ones I wanted from him.

Then he started complaining that because Weird Park Trilogy contains three games, it is worth more than its listed price on the store. It was at this point I realised that he had no intention of trading fairly, he just wanted to lowball me and rip me off. I insulted him and blocked him, he reported me to Steam and said he'd get my account banned.

By far the worst trader I've ever dealt with.

Evidence: http://i60.tinypic.com/35m34vl.jpg

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as others are saying , this person is bad , selfish and doesn't know how to respect people. just because I made an offer and then I realised that my game is more worthy , I apologized to him and then i asked him if we can add just a 5$ game to be fair for me. And the game I added was on sale for few cents before for several times ( gentlemen! ). So he sweared to me , and wanted to control me by his speeches ( he was so rude , and he said if we dont make this trade I will -rep you and this is what he did)
so just because he didnt know how to respect me I canceled the trade with this bad guy even though I was going to accept the trade and was ready to go first.
if you want to do a fair trade for yourself and dont want to face a man with psychological problems avoid this guy :)
PS: just to let you know , I always go first and after I make sure everything works fine , the other trader goes second ^^

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First Trade was very rocky acted shady second trade offer was a total nightmare Beware wants to scam you out of games I offered 3 games to his 1 and he started making accusations they were bundle which they were not. I then said that was offensive he went nuclear and blocked me "Update" now he is leaving false negative feedback on my profile to smear my trade rep
He wants games for nothing and when you don't comply he trolls you
This Trader act like the world should bow down to him if you don't he treats you like trash BEWARE!!!!!!!
as you can see he is the aggressive one

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Gave me negative feedback when we didn't even make a trade. He canceled the trade because he got insulted that I merely ASKED if I could trade for another game. I didn't notice a particular game on his list and asked if I could have that one instead and he got offended and called it off. This is one seriously uptight person.

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