Scammer, he gave me a used key of star wars battlefront.
The trade was my 7 days to die cd key. For his fallout 76 account and star wars battlefront cdkey, key that i used today and it didnt work.
I just gave him 7 days to die and he activated it in that moment. Now i used the star wars battlefront cdkey and it is used already.
I tried to add him but he isnĀ“t accepting my friend request. -REP SCAMMER THIEF
The code has been used.

His account with my game 7 days to die in.

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+rep Traded my F.E.A.R. 3 for his Fallout 4.

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Fast and Honest

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-rep Will give you already used keys. Had a good trade for Fallout 76, but then ended up trading me bad keys for other games and then blocking me from Steam. Beware and have him go first. Never go first with him or just ignore him and trade with someone else. I agree with Bluddey below. I'll change back to original rep if he adds me back to fix trade.

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Deserves the +REP, he went first
Thank you for the trade!

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He gave me a key for Fallout 4 that didn't work. He offered to get it resolved then stopped communicating and blocked me.
I'm willing to negotiate if he adds me again.

Old Review no longer valid:
+Rep, great trader, was very understanding and went first. Recommended.
Thank you

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