This man left me a negative review bc the key he sent me was region locked and I even sent him the screen shot and he just proceeded to say I was a scammer 🤷🏻‍♂️ ok..

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Vote to remove this review as he is leaving a reivew AFTER i called his bluff and he logged off steam.

Yes i did because the game is NOT region locked if a game is region locked on humble bundle it tells you so as you can see in the screenshot i left for your negative review there is NO WARNING it is region locked. As soon as i told you this you logged off steam instantly which is a bit of a coincidence. Here is the screenshot showing the key screen again notice there is NO WARNING about it being region locked.

and here is a FULL screenshot of the chat from steam. As soon as i sent you the key you went quiet and went into a game only after i said "well" did you come up with the silly idea it iwas region locked.

Good luck and like i said i wouldnt try and use that key in a future trade as i used it m yself to stop you from using it in another trade.

Vote to remove this review as he is leaving a reivew AFTER i called his bluff and he logged off steam.

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+rep,nice trader

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+rep very nice and reasonable person trustworthy and fair

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+rep, friendly, fast and reliable trader. Recommended.

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Awesome trader. Very friendly and reliable. Highly, HIGHLY recommend!!

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Very fast and nice trader. I honestly confused with all these negative reviews

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the price is indicated in the TF2 keys , but it offers its own game gifts if you refuse his gifts he writes negative reviews and spams

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Sorry but i did not offer any gift to you. I asked you what you wanted all you typed was "keys" i then said you might want to update your listing as you DO NOT mention keys in any of your 3 listings. What you do list is GAMES not KEYS so dont sit and lie SCAMMER

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+rep. Very good and friendly trader. All went well, would trade anytime again. Thank you.

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+rep good trader

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+rep. Everything went smoothly. Nice guy

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-rep, keeps spamming my thread with his nonsense. he was warned but he still keeps insisting on spamming.

update: his update is a false claim, not only that, but one of his steam friends gave me a -rep , simply because I gave speedy one...

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leaves FALSE REPS. we were talking on his trade link DID NOT AGREE to a trade. then leaves -reps on my profile despite us NOT TRADING. I was only asking why he had a -rep with a report of a key he traded gettign revoked he then goes around leaving -reps.

UPDATE> Just had a DM from one of his steam friends. He is pm his online friends to upvote his FALSE -rep and DOWNVOTE the one on his.

UPDATE 2: No it is not nice try. Suggest you read the guidlines about the rules for leaving rep on profiles. Rules CLEARLY STATE you ONLY LEAVE REP or -REP with reference to a TRADE. WE DID NOT TRADE

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TLDR: This is the type of a person who twists the stories and facts, retaliates every single time, breaks the rules himself but talking about the rules, stands tall against the lowballers whereas he does so. He is arrogant, and an edgelord, the salt of the earth.

Although he may not deserve the first two negatives he got (due to lack of sufficient evidence, specifically one of them is roughly justified) he very well deserved the others. Even he was not able to make a comment on one of them, because it is totally righteous. Furthermore, I insist you, people, to read his previous negatives. There is a pattern. He gets himself in trouble every time. I doubt this negative would be removed but then, again, if this one to be removed why the hell he does have the first two negatives? I am aware the community is not pure clean or the review voting works that nicely. However, I ignore those facts. Despite I ignore those facts, I don't underestimate the power of the community. There is some sort of idiots who never will learn just because of their way of thinking. Hence, I have not tried to penetrate his mind. You just can't deal with this sort of person. I swear he needs to be banished from here though.

So... He comes to my thread accuses me of being a lowballer/chancer. At first sight, I, of course, was frustrated. But when I saw his comment mentioning giving a free copy of PC Building Sim. to the dude who I was supposed to trade, I went softer on him. Yet, he insisted on breaking my deals (commented and accused me at 3 different trades). When I left him a -rep and put one condition to remove my negative (which he successfully met) I saw how childish and arrogant he is. I did not deny the fact that I asked (and ask) for profits. It is a rule of survival for many retrader/resellers. I don't know why he is this butthurt since nobody is forcing someone to trade and it is based on their free will. Even I am not sure if he is aware that you need to get verified in order to sell. Whatever, long story short I of course gain profit but tried to the best deal that I could propose. He literally shit on my face just bc I asked for extra roughly over 3 USD (at that time at least). InsaneCallum wanted to go through with our deal but I insisted and asked him to wait and ask for his free copy of the game since this brat promised one. - SS of the comment section

  • This is where everything is started. I tried to explain the situation but since he insisted that much on giving a free copy then I threatened him in order to make my time and effort worth. We both did not win anything but a guy got a free game. I am happy for him, I am not sucking myself off and crying at home cuz I lost a trade. This guy really needs to chill. - A portion of my talk with InsaneCallum

  • As you can see he asked to go through our deal and I wanted to wait for Speedy's response. I also asked him to link Peruvian's thread because at that time I was not aware of Peruvian being defending me. And I was not even aware of it was my thread. Yet, Speedy dude accused me of being teamed up with Peruvian and I thought he was referring to InsaneCallum. - A portion of my talk with Peruvian

  • I was friends with him -in terms of steam I mean-. I have most of the traders added from this website. So, am I teaming up with 500 people? I was not aware of anything, honest. But I am glad that he stepped up. - The free gift (that InsaneCallum got), wishing there won't be any chargeback

  • Took a while but in the end, he gave the free gift. Yet, he did not forget to mention removing the -rep. That was not an act of decency but rather was an act of self-proving and refuting the other. This is pure bs if you ask me. He asked for Callum to get a +rep from him then rejected it since they did not trade but he asked it at first. He contradicts himself. Tryin' to gain benefit over anything (probably as like everyone). Twists everything.
    *I don't know if Speedy got anything in return later. They may have done a trade later. That's not on me. Not my problem.

He gave me a vengeance -rep when I -repped him. He did not patiently wait for me to remove or acted righteously upon trusting on the community. He knew the negative would stay. He broke the rules already. He started everything first (don't know if this sounds childish when it is right) and literally outbursted at me.

I had enough of this guy. There is a lot to talk about but I think this wall of text and shreds of evidence are already sufficient. I don't want to waste my time any longer. I'll edit my review based on his imagination. This negative is justified for me, regardless of our relationship and trade status.

Having a sort of worthy account that is nearly 10 years old and acting this childish? He has problems for sure. With me, with you or with everyone else. It doesn't mean anything. Behave next time. Get along with us or get what you deserve.

Prices (convert from TRY to USD): - SOW - SFV - Two Point Hospital - PC Building Sim (without g2a plus it's just a little bit more)

Edit: Forgot to mention something. I am directly quoting Hunter

''The Hypocrisy: Now since he prices his games based on steam store why did he accept this offer from Sosa?''

I am also friends (since he calls us so) with Sosa. Of course, he was not serious. However, the guy lowballed him and did not warn. Then again, I did not lowball people this much. I even showed him (Speedy) my pending and available balance at a gray market (of course I can't show all of my bank transfers, there is an NDA and they are personal info), told him that the market is overpriced and I am trying to cash out. The fact is, I was indeed trying to give people sort-of fair deals these times around. He doesn't have much knowledge or insight about the free markets and retraders. He may learn his way through over an extended period. If not ST, there will be lowballers at and Reddit. I hope you can play Robin Hood against them all. He only selects specific targets and refutes them with crap.

Edit 2: A quote from speedy,
''Also as you can see this guy spitting incorrect information I traded with callum''
Well, afaik he did not. I forced him to send a copy.

Another quote from him
''in steam chat admits to creating ALT accounts to upvote reports against him and downvote negatives he gives:''
I was already toying with him but since he asked Callum's +rep then why wouldn't I creating alts and drowning him with
lots of positives. He is that desperate. Again, he will retaliate and I will do anything to stand at my ground.

''He leaves a false trade rep on my account then goes around preaching about the rules yet goes around breaking them hinsel.'' (great typo btw)
He did the exact same thing. He whines about getting false reps every single fucking time. Every SINGLE DAMN time. Yet, he is ignorant and arrogant enough to accuse people of breaking the rules whereby he is one of the people who manage to penetrate through multiple rules. At least I do not go to his or other traders' threads and accuse them nor bully them. I had a negative experience with this user that's why my NEGATIVE IS BACK ON. I don't feel like I have to trade with him because simply we can't. He asked my RDR2. Well, since he knows the market prices he can sell them and buy it himself. He also teased another trader and accused him (and again in an RDR2 trade lmao)

This guy is unreal He has admitted to creating fake accounts to +rep himself STEER CLEAR
What kind of bullshit is this? So, does he really thinks I created like roughly six hundred of alts? Lmao.

Although seemingly he is a native English speaker, he just could not manage to tell his problem. He has the thinking style of a child. You can't talk with these people. Sweet tongue does not work on them. I've been there and done that before. I even got scammed and forced people to repay it. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Who am I or anyone of you to judge? I could apologize for my bad language but I recognize he is being retarded.

Edit 3: He just argued with another trader. Got -rep from him and right away left a vengeance -rep. So... Now, I see his pattern.
Also, accused him asked help from his friends (may be referred to me but I am not even friends with him on steam).

Edit 4: He removed all of the comments on that trader's post. Pussy.

What a SILLY SILLY person you really are.

Edit 5: ''Hence why people dont go back to him.''
Except both Peruvian and Callum went back to me. And alas, a lot of people did and they will. Asking 3-4-5 games for one game. Well, ain't it normal depending on the game? Talks like I am the one trading Zombie Night Terror for Parkitect. What a stupid statement.

And, since he is ignorant and he has a lack of understanding (don't want to say lack of English since he seems to be exactly from the U.S.A), I told Callum that I could take Speedy's free copy and give him free but Speedy would accuse me of trading it. Now you people can see better as he accuses people all the time. I was right. I never ever have seen a person with this lack of understanding, comprehension, and empathy.

You have psychological problems. Not even a diagnosis required.

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What a SAD SAD person you really are. WE DID NOT TRADE. This guy has got the nark with me because he tried to do a trade with someone earlier and because i gave the other trader a key as you can see from the +rep by user CALLUM whom i traded with thsi guy got rude and abusive. ALL SCREENSHOTS BELOW. we have not traded so his -rep is false surprise surprise. He has also said as well he creates fake accounts to upvote (screenshot attached) this guy is a total troll who takes 3/4/5 keys from people for one game his recent trades prove that as well. Hence why people dont go back to him.
Also love how you go through my trades. FYI me and SOSA DID NOT TRADE not that its got anything to do with you however but got to laugh at your attempt to TRY and make a point which has failed.
Also thank you for screenshoting the fact you were going to try and take a free copy of pc building sim from me to try and trade. At least you have admitted that for ALL to see so well done. Screenshot showing the trade i done.

Now its great to see you are a liar. You said to me that if i gave Callum the free key you were going to remove the false -rep. funny you removed it soon after yet you uploaded it again hours later. So why take it down in the first place LIAR. You really do think your smart. Good job the community are way ahead of you and will now see you for what you really are.

at the end of the day WE DID NOT TRADE. so your rep is FALSE


UPDATE: Now he resorts to comments like this. is this the type of person you would trade with. Dont think so

Providing a FALSE report when we was not even in a trade dicussion how pathetic are you. So you wont remove a false report no but i trust the community will as you are breaking the ruels here of steam trades. WE DID NOT TRADE DID NOT EVEN DISCUSS A TRADE AND YOU ADMIT TO LEAVING A FALSE REPORT.

your quick to mention the rules in your false rep above yet go around breaking them anyway by going around -repping people you did not even trade with.

then goes around verbally abusing people with insulting language

he then gets his friend on steam to go around trolling you as well. Funny thing is when you point out to his mate on steam to make it less obvious they are friends the friend rather quickly changes his profile to private funny that!

proof he is friends with this troll going around

he then gets his friends to go around to vote to keep this one of which ha scontacted me through steam to mention this.

UPDATE: Now he resorts to comments like this. is this the type of person you would trade with. Dont think so

Also as you can see this guy spitting incorrect information i traded with callum

in steam chat admits to creating ALT accounts to upvote reports against him and downvote negatives he gives:

here he admits to removing his false rep:

then here he threatens to put his -rep back up:

This guy is unreal He has admitted to creating fake accounts to +rep himself STEER CLEAR

I was not even in a trade with him. He wanted to trade with some other guy and was trying to get a bundle of keys out of a guy for a low priced game (pc buildinf simulator) which is grey market valued at just over 8 euros. yet this guy wanted a bundle of keys from the other trader.
I pointed out this was bit unfair and advised the other trader of this and to tred carefully. This guy then -reps my profile despite me and him not even in a trade discussion.

He leaves a false trade rep on my account then goes around preaching about the rules yet goes around breaking them hinsel.

proof of his false report right here where he even admits to trying to profit from the other guy as well

then goes around verbally abusing people with insulting language

he then gets his friend on steam to go around trolling you as well. Funny thing is when you point out to his mate on steam to make it less obvious they are friends the friend rather quickly changes his profile to private funny that!

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Hi steamtrades users,

This person tried to scribble my profile and make me look like a scam, even though there was no exchange between us.
This really upset me.
With the help of SteamTrades users, the scratch on my profile was deleted.
This guy's got problems, and he tried to scribble me for things I didn't do.
And that's not really ethical.
If I were a cheater, I'd take that mistake.
You can't just smear me for things I haven't done, you can't smear anyone, not just me!
You deserve this negative comment, it's time to pay for what you did.
I hope this will be a lesson for you and you will never blame people for things that don't!
And finally, thank you for the lesson you taught me.
I will never trade again with anyone who owns the "- rep".


I would like to thank all steamtrades users who have thought that this unfair scribble should be removed from my profile and have supported.

For those who are curious about the topic, all the conversations taking place on Steam are as follows;

Edit :
Ahhh, he now remember we never do any trade :)
Where were your mind when you left negative comments on my profile even though we didn't trade?
I tried to teach you something friendly because you don't know.
You left me with a negative comment for no reason.
The profile you're referring to belongs to a person selling there that day.
I sent you the profile of the person ranked at the top by guessing and asked if you bought from this person.
If you make a purchase from the site, the product will not be sent to you by God.
You have to trade with a person and that person becomes the person you buy.
I don't believe you're too ignorant to know that.
And stop pretending, what you're doing is dishonorable, and I want you to pay for it.
I've told you enough about what I have to say.
I don't believe there are people who will believe in the stories of you and others like you.
Let's come to the last topic
It's none of your business to procure my game from the site you're talking about.
When I looked into you for a while, I saw you make twitch broadcasts in time.
Again lie's.. (
Here's the question you asked, the picture you answered. (
This picture is from a discussion topic on your steamgift. (
I'm still honest, but you?
I hope this brings back your memory :)
Don't be so jealous :)
Goodbye, good day.

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+rep fast and easy trade, a friendly and nice trader, would trade again ;)
His negative reps seem to be a bunch of lies

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+rep, nice, fast and fair trader

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Good and polite, went first and the trade was really smooth +Rep

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Nice and trustable trader ++REP

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+rep, nice and fast trade

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+Rep Nice Trader

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+Rep A polite and reliable trader.

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+rep great trader. Friendly and considerate.

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+rep Perfectly fine trader, a nice dude, don't be too wary about the negative rep, seems like a false flag

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+Rep. I don't know why the -reps, he was a kind and nice trader! thks bud :)

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-REP Disrespectful and arrogant trader.

Speedy2018 contacted me 3 days ago. As you can see in this conversation I tried to contact him at 5 different times (he was online 4 times, playing some games). But he preferred to keep playing while I was doing my best to trade despite having very little free time.

He finally had the nerve to leave the trade because I was not online at the same time as him. What a joke ! And of course, he deleted and blocked me.

This trader is a liar, he deserves all these -REP reviews. Avoid trade with this user, it's a waste of time.

You seriously need to grow up dude.


"Numerous times" ? You're lying again, you just replied one time and you talked about your office without giving any precision or availability to do the trade. Proofs are above.

The only way to do this trade was inderectly because of YOU, and you don't want to trade like that, scared by a +279 REP, nothing sounds logic here.

EDIT 2 :

You were talking about getting message spammed in your review, let me show who's the real spammer here. And indirect trade is entirely possible, I made a hundred since joining ST. It just takes a bit of trust, if I stole keys regularly like that I wouldn't have that reputation. Be logic dude.

EDIT 3 :

He is actually spamming all my threads and every messages I do. This man is so toxic.

EDIT 4 :

You posted more than 20 copied/pasted messages everywhere, I answered some to defend myself, the other users must see what you do here. That's what you call a spamming from me ? So as soon as we answer your spam messages we also become a spammer ... IDK if you're a manipulator or just stupid. I've seen the guy you're talking about but he is not my friend.

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As we didn’t trade your rep is not required also telling me to send you the code for the game you wanted when you were offline and you ge back to me is NOT how a trade works.

Also for your information my partner was the one playing games when you was messaging while I was at work something I told you numerous times.

I will not trade with someone who wants me to send them a code while they are offline so they can get back to
Me that’s not how it works .

Erm so. If I told you I was in office then that’s me telling you I am at work. So clearly not on steam playing games them am I.

And you could have 2279 rep I don’t care I won’t trade with someone offline so they can get back to me that’s not how it works.

Edit no2.

whats actually funny is you only ever contacted me when you had to go to sleep. Why was that why did you neevr contact me during the day BEFORE you went to sleep why did you ALWAYS want me to send you the codes and links when you were offline. As you can see me telling you politley in the screenshot i say i am no longer interested in teh trade as you re never online to trade. So your whole -rep is a waist of time and not valid as we never actually traded. Good luck fooling people but also thank you for posting the link to the screenshot which i can use to prove you are at it

Edit 3

Yeah I am really spamming you. 9 messages in my inbox all from you copy and pasting

WE DID NOT TRADE as you can see in your message I said to leave the trade

Another 2 messages from you in my inbox now that’s 11 from you. Keep the spam coming shows my point abkit you more. Why did yo ur friend remove his false report as well lol. Funny that

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TL;DR : an absolute arrogant/edgy troublemaker and shameless liar who never stop getting himself into troubles and giving false -reps despite not even making a trade then he even edit his false review trying to twist the whole story and accuse you of what he did.

I simply offered him a game which is worth more than the one he got based on grey market prices and he called me a lowballer just cause it's worth less on steam. I tried to explain and showed him prices on grey market, told him that not everyone price their games based on Steam store prices like he does but he kept acting silly saying "nice try blah blah" so i responded again on his thread (check his thread) and at that moment i saw that he left a -rep on my profile despite that we didn't even make a trade saying that i'm a rude lowballer and i insulted him and now as you can see when i called him out for breaking the rules he's desperately trying to twist the whole story by replacing/editing his original/previous review with an utter lie to accuse me of what he did & to make it seem that i'm the one who left a-rep first cause we didn't trade.

Here: he is pathetically asking me to remove my review even though he's the one who did leave me a -rep first for no valid reason but only trying to fool me with his words not like he's honest about it cause he did abuse the rep system before twice :

^ He deleted that as expected then edited his original review but little he knows that i got all screenshots from day 1 and already stated that i'll post as much as needed.

The Hypocrisy: Now since he prices his games based on steam store why did he accept this offer from sosa?

Isn't Pakitect worth : 22.49$ more than your trash game which is 1.29$ on Steam? Where's your logic? Why you didn't tell him that you lowballed him? What a hypocrite.

Just in case he deletes his comment :

Leaving -rep for no valid reason is something he already did before twice: He already did gave two traders 2-reps for no valid reason since no trade was being made which is ofc against the rules.

Here's a recent case and one of 'em: You can see him here justifying why he left a -rep on Flakey's profile despite it's completely his fault. He added flakey directly without contacting him on ST and then when flakey told him that he got scammed that day and wanted to take a break from trading he left a -rep on his profile and as you can see he even tried to justify his action and that ladies and gents its a clear evidence that he's so arrogant and doesn't give a shit about rules so he'll throw a -rep at you whenever he wants.

Now here he is again doing the same thing to me + he pathetically twisting the whole story (Edited his review) to make it seem that i was the one who left the -rep first (which is a lie and he did that) because he rejected my offer which is another complete lie.

Don't you find it ironic/hilarious that you edited your review with a lie that you accused me of it but you actually did it? You didn't get what you wanted from Flakey so you left him a false -rep. This is something that you keep doing but i will never do that. That's a clear-cut evidence that you are the type of person who'd leave a -rep if he doesn't get what he wants and already told you that i couldn't care less about your game even if you gave it for free i wouldn't take it from someone who keep abusing the rep system so lying won't help you that much , in fact it will only shows what a trash individual you are.

This is another proof why reddish -rep exists on his profile and what he meant by saying : "Quite simply a little idiot and scumbag who looks for trouble then tries to lie and Bullshit his way out of it". It's just amazing how he described him perfectly though and that's why i keep bringing his statement up. He got himself in trouble by leaving a false -rep and now he twisted the whole story trying to lie/bullshit his way out of it.

He also spammed other traders threads and asked to remove their reviews as well (like he asked me) and when they refused he spammed more (Check capo's review to see the evidence) which shows you that he's nothing but a dumb kid and rules means nothing to him.


Offered him a game which is worth more than the one he got based on grey market prices and he called me a lowballer just cause it's worth less on steam. Pricing is subjective indeed but to call someone lowballer that in itself is stupid.

My game :
his game :

This clown as you can see got -2 and one from reddish who was right when he said : "who looks for trouble then tries to lie and Bullshit his way out of it". This is absolutely the case here. He's acting as if i got mad because i didn't trade with him but that's not the case, if you call me a lowballer for no reason i need to explain & show you that you're wrong and thats what i did, simple. You called me a lowballer i didnt call you a highballer that's a clear difference. You just one sad individual who shouldn't even use this site if you think that you can go against the rules and throw -reps at anyone you disagree with.

Finally he got salty and gave me a -rep which is against the rules of Steamtrades since we didn't even make a trade in the first place.

I genuinely don't recommend even contacting him , the community don't need this type of edgy troublemakers here.

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+rep, traded smoothly vs higher value games, he went first, key worked fine, he was nice and patient
EDIT: done a money trade with him, he was very nice about it, his negative reps seem to be a bunch of lies

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So done with scammer retards trying to add me directly on Steam with no prior communication. Fuck off ugly.

2 years ago Permalink

hahaha GOTTA LOVE IT. You give me - rep because i caleld you out. So tell everyone then who is going to read this at what point did i try and scam you. Why would me someone who contacted you for a low priced steam game try and scam you!.
I added you to steam your first reply to me was "Who the Fuck are you" i said i added you from steam trades. You replied "What do you want" I said i was interested in one of your games on steam trade. You replied "What one" i told you what one then you said "Send me your steamtrades link" Which i did, You then rpelied "I am done with people on steam trades" At which point i said so why update your post 16 minutes prior to me contacting you if you are done. You didnt reply. I then gave you -rep because your clearly up to no good as you update your post then say you dont use it no more. Yeah that is really really leggit looking.

You attitude and language leave a lot to be desired. Also quick enough to call people a scammer with no evidence to back your claim up if anyone is the scammer it is you as you clearly are up to no good so nice try kid. Also telling someone to F OFF and calling them UGLY on here because i left you -rep how mature.

For people reading this please be sure to check the -rep i left on Flakey Profile and upvote to keep the -rep on there profile please this comment of theres just shows how pathetic they are when they get caught.

Update 24/11/2019:

And the abuse from this idiot continues in DM. And yet they claim to inocent lol

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+rep thanks for the trade, he was completely fine and normal, not sure why he got negative before.
But in our trade, he went first, was polite and we did our trades with ease

2 years ago* Permalink

Quite simply a little idiot and scumbag who looks for trouble then tries to lie and Bullshit his way out of it.
DO NOT accept his Steam invite or Request to trade
I've removed Complete screenshots of our chat and every profile comment about 3 weeks after this review was voted to remain (they showed me getting frustrated and I didn't want them on record forever), but I've kept records myself and could show them if asked.

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Sorry but if you are going to make storys up at least tell the full story.

This is not the first time i have had problems with you and others have said the same thing to me about you and your attitude.

If you are so inocent in all this then why did you remove YOUR comment on my steam profile and then remove the comments i left against you off your wall.

You are nothing but rude and an arrogant person who throws insults in PM. Funny how you manage to only screenshot the parts of the chat window you want people to see to play the inocent person in all this.

Good job i have the FULL screenshot to show everyone what you really are like.

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