Yes steam was a ass fuck , yes steam made the offer complicated , but i found at the time i found out i cant gift out of my region , i had already redeemed his code , so i then bought something he had on the marketplace and payed him the money so he can buy it! ( Here is the essay i promised lol)

Everyday a kid wakes up and clicks on a thousand ad that says free minecraft. At the end of the day , there parents beat them up and call them mistakes , just because they downloaded a virus by accident. Here is a tale of a kid who succeeded in an unusual matter.

5/16/2018 :

The kid was watching "Jacksuckatlife" youtube channel about minecraft while laughing at the cringe of it. But the kid couldn't hide the fact that he wanted to get the game too and make a shitty gameplay video of him yelling his favorite song in the background because thats copyright free. So he looked up the price and found it to be about the same price as gta v. The kid though , well fuck my mom would kick me out and never see me again if i spend all our families money. Thought he thought it was well worth getting the game and starving for 1 week because no money would be left. He simply couldn't as he was very hungry for ramen noodles at the time. The kid checks steam for minecraft knowing that steam is the god of cheap kids wanting game for cheap at summer sale. But steam only has story mode which is like shit. So the kid looks at his wallet , he has $13.41. So he looked up if there was a way to trade on steam. And he instantly found . He found a couple of traders who have minecraft. He black mailed them for the game , begging them to trade. Thought after 5 minutes he checks and someones accepts his trade!!!! So then he gifts them devil may cry with all dlcs , but steam is a fucking dumb-ass whore son of a bitch , ( my bad i got carried away) and gives the error about price difference and how he is unable to gift him/her it because of the region price difference. But at that time it was too late , the kid had already redeemed the minecraft key, and was waiting on to give the gift. The kid felt like a piece of shit scammer because he couldn't give the game he promised. So then he decides to pay the money to the person via marketplace. Except ( Warning i am about to lose it) THE MARKETPLACE IS A FUCKIN DISASTER WITH MESSED UP SHIT , LIKE YOU CAN NOT FIND ANYTHING WHAT A FUCK! ( told ya im about to lose it) but after 16 hours he managed to pay his debt via market place.


( All jokes aside greate seller and very trustworthy , and friendly too , not the one i would unfriend)

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A honest, reliable, patient, fast and great trader! Thank you!

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+rep fast a friendly trader, thanks!

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+rep Fast,nice and very friendly trader!

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+Rep good trader and friendly

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+rep fast and easy trade! Anytime again! XD

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▲Rep | ツ Thanks for the trade.
✔ 100% Recommended.

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+rep good trade

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+rep smooth trade

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+rep reliable

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+rep friendly trader

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+Rep: Tks trade.

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+rep fast and easy trade! Thanks alot :)

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