+Rep good trade

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+rep good trader

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Great trader.Fast and smooth trade +REP

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+rep. Excellent trader

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+REP great trader

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+rep excellent, fast

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+rep , nice fast trader

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+rep. Fair trader.

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+rep, fair and friendly trader!

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+rep! thanks!

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+rep Great trader

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+rep! thanks for successful trade

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+rep nice trader

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At first I get one negative feedback from this user when I never had any kind of contact with him. Maybe he was scammed by an impersonator of me (I have some impersonators), or maybe he was lying, because today he added me to Steam to threaten to not remove the negative feedback to me if I dont give to him a game. I mean, this is not a negative feedback because of scam trading, is just because he tryed to threaten me.

This is my thread: https://www.steamtrades.com/trade/phBH0/hcrash-bandicoot-soul-calibur-sonic-borderlands-2-goty-hb-monthly-games-wgames/search?page=5

Where I clearly say that I don't add anyone without posting before in my thread, that I don't accept invitations from anyone without posting before in my thread, and that I also have some impersonators which I ask to report. I never scammed anyone.

Currently I have an impersonator:

Of course when they impersonate me they use SAME avatar and SAME name. Nicknames in Steam are not uniques.
Check differences:

https://steamrep.com/search?q=newbell -> me
https://steamrep.com/search?q=newbelll -> impersonator

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lol i don´t added you again. why you are lying? makes no sense.
evryone can say: "oh no it´s not my account, it´s a scammer, it´s not me"
same avatar same name same guy.
and you wrote on my trading and then deleted it when i said i´m not interessted.
stop these excuses allready. you scammed me, it was one game, and i gave you neg rep. so it´s done. i never expect to get anything back so take the rep and leave me alone.

why don´t you proof with a screenshot from our steam conversation? you haven´t one? nothing else to say
i don´t even know why tthis post is still here. reputations is for trading and you are lying and posting this.
i just want to play my damned games and trading only for myselfe not for money so say what you want, it has no sense to me

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+REP: Reliable and good trader, recommended :^)

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+rep fast and reliable trader

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