I have...

A card idling service with games i don't currently own and i'll idle the cards.

I want...

Games I don’t own (to idle). Simply wait until I finish idling the game(s) an receive all the card drops.

I will idle the cards for you in reward for sending me game keys i don't own yet.

Check which games I can(not) idle by pasting your games in here:

Feel free to add me on steam to further discuss our trade:

If you are satisfied with the service a +rep would be gratifying but absolutely not mandatory.

1 week ago

Hi :)
Can you idle these games? They are all from one key.
• GooCubelets: The Algoorithm
• They Came From The Moon
• GooCubelets 2
• Fiends of Imprisonment
• GooCubelets
• Break Into Zatwor
• Absconding Zatwor
• Brilliant Bob
• Why So Evil 2: Dystopia
• Why So Evil

5 days ago

Sadly i already have these games in my account so i cannot idle them for you.

5 days ago

Ok, np :)

5 days ago

I only see Tumblestone and unfortunately i already own that game so i can not idle it.

42 minutes ago

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