He gave me a negative assessment because, as he says, I wanted to deceive him, but in fact he wanted to deceive me.
He offered me whatever I have for the game I have, but he couldn't pay through PayPal, but I'm just asking for PayPal for that game.
He suggested that I buy a gift card for Eneba, but I didn't ask for it, but I was anxious to wait to decide whether to buy it or trade it with someone else.
He didn’t wait, but bought it right away even though I told him to wait.
And when he bought it, he called me a fraud, a thief, a moron, etc.
And he made me go first, even if he has 0 positive grades and 1 negative, and I have many more grades than him. '
I do not recommend trading with him because he is a fraud and will deceive you for profit.

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How can you make such a FAKE Text? I said to you, I can pay only with Steam Wallet Card and Steam Card, you said you think about it, then you give me a website, I checked there was no payment option, then i said I can buy Games or Wallet cards only from eneba or G2A because the website can accept my payment, I buyed the cards, and you deleted me from your friends list, so what do you want? you don't even have proof man, you are just a little scammer boy, I just said I'm not going first.

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This user posted an abusive feedback on my profile because we couldn't find an agreement after his offer on my thread.

I tried to add him on Steam in order to talk and understand this childish behavior. After one week of waiting I think I've been patient long enough. The community deleted his review.

EDIT 1: I wanted 3 games from you with my 2 games + 1 DLC, you're lying. And I never said I was a big trader. Anyway, screenshots are here as proofs.

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Lmao, "you are big trader" but you want my 5 expensive for 2 games, learn to trade properly first and then you can talk.

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