Hey guys I encourage everyone to be aware of this Trader he may have a positive rep but he is not respectful at all and he will get angry and start insulting you without proper cause or reason let me give you an example of what happened

also I would like to highlight that he came to me it's not the other way around so it's not like I came to him asking him for games and then wasted his time

(he came into my list looking for some games that I have he was interested in a couple and he highlighted some of the games that I want even though they're not my top priority I only have them on because of the trading cards they give)

anyways some of the games he wanted some other person also wanted them so I told him to add me so I can consider both offers carefully by looking at both of them and so I can send a response through my phone even if I'm not on my computer and after I did the math and looked at both I found out that his offer was not good and I chose to take the other guys offer then he proceeded to insult me and show his true colors

(look here) he called me stupid nigger faggot

this image shows he came to my list

I know I could have worded it better and took more time explaining it better but I think the images show what needs to be shown and also I didn't want to waste too much time on this person

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