+rep! Fast and nice trader, went first, the key worked, all smooth. Happy. Thanks!

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Fast and reliable trader.

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+rep nice and friendly trader!! Ignore the -rep he have.. this guy can go first and keep his promise..

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  • rep, trustworthy trader, recommended. thanks again!
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+REP he went first good fast trader.

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Fast and reliable trader. Recommended

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+rep they went first and I got the game for my friend! Thanks for the trade! Everything went well :)

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+rep thanks for the trade!

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Hello Community!

Hope you all are staying safe in the times of such crisis. I really did not want to put this negative review, but this user has given me no choice. I usually go first in trades in many cases, but now I am forced to think that I should not go first and give a chance to traders like this one so that they do not take advantage of me.

This trader trades used key codes. Has a bad history in trading, check their profile. Do not trust this trader. This trader will also try to extort more money from you during trades.

I paid 17$ for My Friend Pedro, F1 2019 Anniversary Edition and Planet Coaster to this user as we agreed on my steamtrades post.
Proof of agreement of trade: Comment and Screenshot

My post in which he commented also clearly states in the description that fees will be on your side for paypal trades. Proof: Link to the post and Screenshot

I even go first in the trade, even after this user has a bad history and has 2 negative reps in his steamtrades profile. I sent first out of goodwill. Proof of payment
After he recieves the payment, he starts demanding that i should pay him more, I should cover the fees, even though my post very clearly mentions fees is on your side. He only sends me ONLY 2 out of the three games, F1 and planet coaster.

When i tell him to send me the third game, he refuses and says i need to pay him more to get the third game. Says he will not give me the third game till he gets more money. Extortion of more money can be seen here.

This trader did not deliver the games that were promised, did not fulfill his part of the trade, even though I sent him the money I promised him that I would.

Then he agreed to give me sniper elite 3 in place of pedro at the valuation of 2$. I warned him if his key did not work, i would like 2$ refund back. He refuses, says he will only refund me 1$. He will claim that he gave me sniper elite 3 out of good will which is entirely false, since he already owes me 2$ due to not giving me pedro as part of our previous trade.

What kind of a seller sells faulty goods and then provides only half refund? How is this fair? WHY SHOULD I ACCEPT A REFUND OF 1$, WHEN I LOST 2$ FOR IT?

His sniper elite 3 key code was faulty, proof is provided here IMGUR

He then calls me dumb and says he got the key in a trade. Does not take responsibility of his key codes not working. Very irresponsible, you cannot trust this person while trading. This person will add new clauses to the trade AFTER the trade has been done. I have tried to adjust things with this trader, but they do not seem to be adjusting at all.

I would highly recommend you all to NOT TO TRADE WITH THIS BAZLADAZ. Not trustable at all. This is what i get for trusting this user. Beware about this trader. Please click on the allow review button so that more people get warned about the irresponsible and bad trading behaviour of this trader. Thanks and stay safe!

EDIT: In response to his replies without any proof,

sold items to was made aware by me it was $17 plus fees

1) THIS IS A LIE! My post clearly says fees is on his side. Further more, in our discussions before the trade, fees never came up. I have provided screenshots proving that fees was supposed to be on their side!The statement they make is made out of Bazladaz's OWN IMAGINATION. Please check above screenshots to see the proofs that I have provided

even offered to pay half the fees

2) Again, all this is after I make the payment. If i have to send money again, I would have to pay DOUBLE FEES. Why should I be liable to pay DOUBLE FEES just because he did not read the post? Paying 0.5$ fees EXTRA to send him 0.5$ HOW IS IT FAIR FOR ME?

aggitated at his OWN mistake of not paying fees to me

3) How is it my mistake? When did I say that I was going to pay fees? My post clearly says fees is on THEIR SIDE.

I offer him Sniper Elite 3 key as a good will, which he accepts but demands i pay him $2 if it doesnt work

4) I ASKED FOR SNIPER ELITE 3 as a COMPENSATION for NOT DELIVERING My friend Pedro. And yes it is in my right to demand a refund if it does not work. Shows seller links of so many sites, yet does not understand how product selling works. THIS USER HAS NO GOODWILL AT ALL.

Also if Sniper Elite 3 was in good will, why hasn't he refunded me the 2$ HE OWES ME for not delivering Pedro? HYPOCRISY AT IT'S FINEST!!

charge back the money which will refund him

5) Again I never said I will chargeback all of the order. 15$ worth of goods were delivered. I ONLY ASK FOR 2$ COMPENSATION FOR NOT DELIVERING PEDRO, WHICH IS FAIR BY ALL MEANS.

If asking for a product THAT YOU PAID FOR has become a wrong thing, then I do not know anymore.


Chat Screenshots

I have provided all necessary proofs and I do not know what to do with a person like this anymore. Thanks for reading. Nothing has been obtained for free, everything has been paid for. He is just saying he gave sniper elite 3 for free because he doesn't want to refund for it fully. Do not fall for this nonsense.

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Hello ALL! Hope everyone is staying well and safe.

So first things first as this person is trying to make people think im a liar and a scammer i would like to link some
other pages where i sell games and keys and have very good rep while doing so!

Gameflip -

Ebay -

Barter -

Also my giveaway page -
where i have given away multiple UNUSED steam keys, if i was a scammer why would i do this, why would i giveaway games i could get money or keys for?

1) Okay so back to this trade, the user i sold items to was made aware by me it was $17 plus fees in which he refused to pay fees after he sent $17 and recieved 2 games and 1 dlc.

2) I tried to help and even offered to pay half the fees, in which he still refused and was very rude and demanding at this point.

3) User is still very aggitated at his OWN mistake of not paying fees to me and i have still not recieved full payment.

4) I offer him Sniper Elite 3 key as a good will, which he accepts but demands i pay him $2 if it doesnt work. Please explain why should i give him money for a key a gave to him for free? (This key i recieved in a trade and was not sure if it was used)

5) He is now threatning to charge back the money which will refund him all of it and leave me with nothing even though he has recieved 3 games and 1 dlc from me.

Right now i can not think of anything else to add maybe i will get some pictures of the chat if i have time to prove some of the points and just how rude he was, demanding refunds etc.

Thank you all for reading and removing this false review!


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+rep nice and fast trader

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+rep quick trader :)

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+rep Great trader! Fast, friendly and reliable

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Great trader

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Fast trade, thanks

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rep+ Fast and nice trader. Went first, withou any problem =)

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+REP Fast and reliable trader, recommended.

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Edited: I'll leave this as negative rep, since I'm still not believe you.

I go first with my unreveal key page of Civilization 6 (the dumbest thing I've ever done), and he said it was already redeemed. I asked for the picture of his games libary to prove that he didn't have the game, but he can't and just keeping talking around to hiding something. After that, he said that he gave it to a friend and his friend said it was redeemed (very suspicious, isn't it?). I asked again of the steam profile of his friend, and he still can't give me. Finally, he gave me some picture of email that he wrote to Humble Bundle, and insisted that Humble Bundle had given me a redeemed key.

Now you removed and blocked me. Man, you have all of suspicous about being tricky. So I will find out the truth and will change this review if you're not the one who cheated on me.

Edit 2: Thanks GaTh for gave me this picture.

You hided your games libary, and the picture above showed my Civ VI sitting in your libary, that was totally unexpected huh? If you can prove that Civ VI wasn't redeemed today by taking a picture of your history product key activations, then I'll remove this review. Otherwise, I'll report you on all trading sites that I know and also on Steam.

Edit 3:

He added me again, refused to give me proof and admitted that he stoled the game from me. Stay away for this asshole guys.

4 years ago* Permalink

For starters i havent blocked you and i gave you 3 keys for trades, so now you and the other guy are teaming up for no reason when ive done nothing wrong? Also i already have the game but wanted a spare copy for a friend to play hence why i gave it to him. gives me a negative review but then does a second trade after this one so clearly writing false reviews. Okay so people cant get new games anymore without them being stolen? you and the other guy have both done this to ruin my rep dont lie. Not once did i admit to stealing your game, jeez people these days.

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-rep scammer

here some proof:
another proof from Sneaky:

Edit 1: Just don't believe what he says. He kept saying he mixed up.

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its 8 am ive had no sleep and got mixed up with keys, im not a scammer and offered to give him a different key but he wont take it not much more i can do

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+rep great trader

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Nice and fast trader, recommended.

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+rep, they went first, nice and smooth trade :)

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