-rep Scammer. Preying on /r/SteamGameSwap and private messages from /u/ParkSaeRoi18 on Reddit, first asking to add on Steam to this profile (steamname: Prime, steamID64: 76561198873217011). Offered to sell COD:CW RTX code with activation after payment using PayPal F&F. Subsequently ghosts after payment and claims that funds are being held up and are waiting to be cleared (as experienced by other traders before me).

PayPal name: Michael Luis
PayPal email: michaelluis554@yahoo.com

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SCAMMER— will ask you to send payment by f&f and then ghost you after giving you BS about the funds being held up and waiting for it to clear.

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-rep Scammer alt account

Response to his negative review:

I paid him two times through paypal to two different accounts that he gave me, Paypal frozen his accounts immediately so my payment was refunded. He asked me to pay through bitcoin or tf2 keys but at this point I've already checked his rep and saw that he is a suspected scammer using an alt account.

I tried to get proof from him about the origin of the games, but he just kept giving me lie after lie (I check to see if he was telling me the truth).

From the games that he sent me, I redeemed 3 of them after doing the second payment, but I stoped redeeming them after I was refunded. I told him I could pay for those games, but he say he cannot trust that I won't redeem the others.

Complete conversation: https://imgur.com/a/d9250TD

Edit: Please read the -rep review below for proof that this user is a scammer.

The games that I have from him are Antichamber, Banner Saga 2, and _>observer. Since he didn’t want this keys back, I’m going to give them in a giveaway here on steamtrades.

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-rep a piece of shit scammer. He scammed $23 games from me. This trash commented in my steamtrades post and told me that he will buy all of my games that is worth $70. As i was not comfortable going first all at once because he doesn't have much rep, i told him to divide the trades. At first, when i gave the games to him, he paid me $22 in paypal but for some reason my paypal got locked and i refunded his payment and told him to wait for me to get my paypal fixed. 1 day passed and i messaged him again in steam to ask for payment as i have made a new paypal account but he is refusing to pay and spouting nonsense like what if my keys get revoked or something, etc , etc ... and now he is calling me as alt of scammer hahaha

proof -> https://imgur.com/a/zcNGIeq

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+rep for a fast and successful trade :)

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Please don't trust this guy, that guy is a scammer and your keys will get revoked!!!
I traded with him like 1 month ago and 2 keys were revoked (Little Nightmares and God Eater 2). I don't know how much it'll take until the other keys will get revoked too. I wanted to solve the problem with him but he preferred to ghost me. He stopped responding my messages. Please use the following link for the proof: https://imgur.com/a/8h9ffrg

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Traded with him one month ago for the game Zombie Army Trilogy, today i got a menssage that the key got revoked.



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At what car shop you got your haircut

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Nice and polite trader! He went first! +rep

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+rep good trader

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Alt of a very well known scammer. Confirmed through ip activity on reddit, as well as paypal name.

Alt of: https://www.steamtrades.com/user/76561198061027074

Mods confirmed scams done by his same paypal name: Christian Hernando

Screenshot of sgs mods confirming he scammed on reddit: https://i.imgur.com/jiUmDFC.jpg

Whoever is reading this, if you know me, you know i would never make this up. This user is confirmed as the same scammer.

I am a moderator on both /r/gametrade and /r/indiegameswap on reddit. Please contact me if you believe your AMD promo was scammed by this user.

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-rep i sold him 3 The Outer Worlds Epic Games Key and he paid me in paypal g&s $76 but since my paypal is new, it was on hold and need to confirm it in his end to remove the funds hold. He told me that he will verify the codes first before he confirmed it. So, i waited 2 days and he never replies to me till he said i know who you are, he said i am diosdado, he is accusing me as someone else out of nowhere and then he blocked and unfriended me in steam.

He never paid me for my games and yet he is the one who is reporting me !! What a scumbag

This guy is clearly a scammer.

What a lame excuse to scam someone ! Your excuse doesn't justify what you are doing, you are clearly scamming someone here !!

full convo https://imgur.com/a/g1Jr4Qc

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+rep trade success, he went first as his low rep

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+rep for trying to work the deal out with me (including using a middle man as both of reps were lower)

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he went first +REP

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[+rep] Went very smoothly!

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+Rep! Fast and good trader!

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