Scammer stole tf2 keys

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-rep scammed my friend and took 11 tf2 keys and didnt paid back

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-rep gave invalid keys to one of my guy , then blocked him n didn't payed tf2 keys back total of 11tf2,
Those tf2 are my loss,, unless he pays his debts i won't receive my keys..
Don't trade very unreliable untrustworthy trader , already banned from servers due to this.....

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+rep legit and good guy

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He gave a key 2 me which was used already
He owes me 11 tf2 and its been almost 3 weeks for that key and he didn't payed me
Just keeps fking delaying
Dont trade with him he is just doing middleman business and doesn't even returns the tf2s when gives invalid/used keys and will block u after some time later

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+REP. Very Fast and Reliable Trader.

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+rep Thank You for the warhammer 2 key
and welcome to steamtrades

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