-rep gave me a negative rep too and saying i bought their gift when we didnt actually come to an agreement. In the end he said "fucken poor people" and then instantly deleted with no negotiation


edit. lol when did i trade like a beggar? can easily see in the screenshots that i was looking to negotiate. saying false things just cos i didnt want to trade what you were looking for.. also didnt tamper at the trade offer. is negotiating the same as tampering?

edit. please, sigh.. did not try to make you a fool.. if i wanted to, why would i want you to check it? that would make absolutely no sense since you would see it anyways. Why would i try if i know it would fail?

edit. uh ok? isnt that what checking the trade is for though? but eh, lets just escalate all this i guess. poor this, joker that. we're not on all the time, was even out of the house when you had initially messaged me. it was 2 hours after we went our separate ways and then you said hi again. perhaps it would have been better if we ended it before there.

edit. last one hopefully

has created an alt here on steamtrades to try give negative rep again


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EDIT:waste time thing
you want to pay less money,then you have to pay other things.

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Easy to arrange exchange, reasonable trader and gift collector. Thanks for the cards.🤠👍

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+rep. Quick and fair trader. Thanks.

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Friendly and reliable trader +rep

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