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This person is a scammer. They contacted me in Steam asking me to trade for 4-5 of my games for his Tekken 7 + DLCs. After I asked them to contact me in here, they also claimed that they have no SteamTrades profile. Unfortunately, I went on with the trade and I even went on first. They took my games and never gave me their.

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Just want to join the party and let community know about this piece of shit

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Some details I've tried to collect on this Hijacker:
I've sent a full report to Steam, and as you may know reports take a while to be read by guys working there.
However I have (last week) received a profile notification saying one of the multiple reports I've made on a user were read and acted upon, which was a couple days after I last submitted a report.
It's likely that how many reports the same user gets and how quickly affects how urgently they're marked or how soon they're read.

If the rest doesn't interest you, just leave a quick report on his steam. It'll only take seconds (See last image below if you don't know how)

Select Reasons Hijacking, Impersonating or Trade Scam Attempt, enter whatever you think is relevant.

I added this guy to ask what all this was about, weather his stuff was alright. Ended up speaking to who claimed to be the hijacker.

Here are screenshots I sent to Steam of our Chat:

Long Story short, he pretended to offer to teach me "how to hack" while first asking me to give him several games, then asking me to give him $35. The games he asked for were Rust and Gmod- so although I could've, I wasn't sure and didn't end up giving them to him in an effort to get steam to trace which account had activated them (he may either resell, or activate in a spoof acc, etc.) He also didn't give me any Paypal info as he asked for 17 CSGO keys. I pretended to be interested in learning whilst making his steam report and just seeing where it'd go.

Chat Again: He gives me a link which I'd avoid even searching if you're reading this, obviously. The link appeared clean (ran it through malware scan, didn't really know what I was doing), but with installation files inside, probably for virus, keyloggers etc. He then asks me to screenshot my window after installing it (I didn't, ofc). Weather it was for actual installation instructions for downloading and running whatever program that was or just to get a better idea of whatever I may have on my screen (ie steam account name if it was left on, any other tabs open, even operating system or time zones/region which he kept asking about , idk really.)
So there's some stuff you may already know about the steps taken to hack an account.

How to Report: A Dummys guide

View attached image.
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-Rep, 1 left for 20/20

Take a look to his -rep and why he get's it

How many -reps do you have to take a look at ? =D

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2 left for 20/20

100% Scammer
He is already banned from SteamRep ,

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Scammer, do not trust, uses high level as leverage
He is now doing revenge -reps on everyone's profiles.

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He is a crook robbed me of 9 games I have even taken that a coward deserved to go to jail but if I ever find it gets it
What it was I wanted him DOOM VFR I only got it now that I have about 9 keys little

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I have seen this user while moderating reports and is unreliable
His account pretend to simulate a high level to make good deals but it's fake
His images of csgo with expensive objects (knives) are false, has none
Also his csgo achievements are fake, just look the hour of many of them... and its his favourite game??
He offers many high quality games to exchange but he has 700 games and the majority are garbage.
You definitely should not trust an account like this

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This dude just scammed my friend for fifa 18. and hasn't replied back ever since and he ended up removing me. and my friend ban this user!

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Dude scammed a lot of people. don't trade with this fagot

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Don´t trust him he is a fucking liar and he will scam you, trust me, i tried. Report him pls.

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I Got scammed by this user.

Please -Choose "Report Violation"
-Select the violation (example, "Attempted Trade Scam") and hit "Submit Report"


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Stop trading with this guy...!!!

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This guy is just there to make you lose time and/or scam you.

Not only does he change his profile and place of residence a lot, he also seems to use shady methods to get games he can offer, like using VPNs.

I invite anyone looking at this review to further investigate this page for information, like Ivarr Odinsson's (2566 +rep at the time of writing) review detailing useful data from this guy's other connections.

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+Rep thanks for FIFA 18

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-rep Scammer. Do not try to trade with him. He tried to sell me Call of Duty : WW2 for a skin. He told me he was buying this game for $20. He sent me a screenshot that was clearly photoshopped right here Like a retard, he got a white marker and you can see it near the price tag.

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-rep he made me wait a week while saying things like "sooner" and I waited like an idiot...
I also sent him a code of a game and he scammed me...
buy that's not all...
after that week he just told me that he's not interested after telling me that he's still wanna trade a day ago...
I think that all his +reps is from his other fake accounts / his friend was trading before him...

I have no screenshots because the conversation got erased with the time... but i gave him my code and got no response with pay ( like we wanted to do, TOMB RAIDER key for 7 Euros )


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This is the kid that is scamming you:
Look at his dumb face and decide yourself if you want to trade with him

His account was not hacked, tho he might claim otherwise in the future. Here's the reasons why:
1) His name and profile picture was changed but it remains pretty much similar to his previous names.
2) If his account was indeed stolen his inventory would have been empty (at least the gifts) by now.
He claims that he buys games from g2a but he sells at 60% of the prices there so he is lying.

This is his friend/main account where he stores the stolen CS:GO keys:

Those are his smurfs:

He activated 4 games on the first account ( that he stole from AquaChaos. Two of them are Dawn of War III and The Long Dark.

It has been brought to my attention that he has the same name history on both accounts :

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-rep attempted to trade CD Codes for a copy of OrbusVR, sent the codes over since he had greater rep, and simply replied with bye, how old are you, and I just hacked this account last night. Quite frustrated with the whole situation.

Edit: He proceeds to respond and act like he never added me and that I'm leaving a fake rep. You know why he doesn't have proof that I added him on Steam? He blocked me after taking my keys. Luckily I didn't close out of the chat window so I took some screenshots.


This will not be changed until I receive my copy of OrbusVR from him.

He can sit here and play dumb like I never added him, but I swear and promise that this guy isn't worth your time.
If I really had no interaction with this man, why would I be blocked?

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Beware! This trader is NOT responsible and trustworthy. He doesn't care about your time, he'll ignore you, he'll make you wait while keep saying "soon" and you might not even get what you traded for. Watch out!

This guy has scammed me. I have screenshots of the entire chat.

From the start there were shady things but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and I regret it now.

We agreed to trade Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain. He wanted $10 Steam Wallet. I've told him from the start / screenshot the wallet option is only if I can send it through steam.

  • Couldn't send due to regional pricing. He wanted $10 gift card from G2A even though it'd cost me more than we agreed, I refused

  • Gave me an offer which was even worse hoping I won't notice, I refused

    DženaNNN ^: Watch this
    DženaNNN ^: your 3 case keys + 5$ wallet code
    Amorphism: how is that better? you get even more than we agreed this way. 3 CS:GO keys = $6 + $5.4 (on G2A) = $11.4

  • Asked if the game is from Humble Bundle, instead of saying it's not right away, he says

    Amorphism: by the way, where is your key from?
    DženaNNN ^: most of my keys are from humble bundle

  • Only when I asked again he said it's from G2A. 🚨 Alarm bells! 🚨

  • Suggested 5 CS:GO keys, I accepted. Went to buy the keys specifically for this trade (I had only 3). When I tried to send him the key - turns out he has trade ban. He never mentioned it. 🚨 Alarm bells again! 🚨

  • Now he wants me to send the cs:go keys to some friend of his. Stupidly I've done it - screenshot.

  • Right after getting the keys, he suddenly has to go

    18:19 - Amorphism: tell me when you're ready
    18:20 - DženaNNN ^:
    18:21 - DženaNNN ^: i need to go in town to get food i will be back soon
    18:22 - Amorphism: I've made the trade, can you please send the key now?
    18:22 - DženaNNN ^: i will be back soon

  • I've waited 2 hours before losing my patience while he keeps ignoring me, being online and even playing CS:GO for some time.

  • After 3.5 hours I'm telling him that either give me back my keys/the game or I'll report him. ONLY NOW he responds and says he's in a friends house. WTF. That's not "be back soon". That's ignoring, doing other things while the other side has done his part of the deal and basically being a jerk.

  • In the end, after 7 HOURS he says this:

    01:14 - Amorphism: how long do you expect me to wait?
    01:14 - Amorphism: be specific\
    01:14 - STEVA | S- PUBG/WW2/fifa18: im away from home about 60km
    01:14 - Amorphism: answer the question
    01:15 - STEVA | S- PUBG/WW2/fifa18: tomorrow

See chat screenshots

Current Status: I've asked for my keys back and he says his "friend" won't give them to me. This -REP won't be removed until this issue is fixed. Screenshot

Updated Status: 3 days have passed and no surprise - he removed me from his friends and didn't give me my keys back. A total scammer.

Another small but shady thing - he changed his name during the day from DženaNNN to STEVA | S- PUBG/WW2/fifa18 and his country from Bosnia and Herzegovina to California, United States. Why? I don't know. One more shady thing to the list.
Before and after profile change

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-rep bought a fifa 18 cd key and until now got nothing, ignoring me and doesnt answer when he comes online, dont deal with this scammer

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+REP. Fast, Friendly and Reliable Trader.

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Отдам два ксго, 1 с двумя звездами, другой на калибровке ( было 2-3 звезды) на ПУБГ

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+rep. All great, very fast idler. Thank you!

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+Rep. Friendly and Honest Trader.

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Fast & Trusted Trader Recomended <3

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+rep nice and fast trader

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  • rep, traded for h1z1 and I was going first. Trusted person.
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+rep nice trader

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+rep, idled a game for me.

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+rep !

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+rep, Thx for the trade

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+rep Good and honest trader

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+rep fast n ez

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+rep, idling some games for me:)

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+REP great trustable trader! Bought Payday 2 from him

Also, bought 1x csgo + 1x rocket league

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+rep good idler

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+Rep! Fast trader, I recommend him!

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  • rep friendly trader
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