Mass spamming and rep bombing doesn't get you far.

Imagine trying to rep bomb my account on SteamTrades when the alt accounts you used are either trade banned and this alt account of yours just got community banned. Props to the SteamTrade community for voting to remove all the garbage reviews from your alt accounts.

You got banned from the GTA 5 forums three times on your alt account Sebastian Wilder from stalking me there and in part due to advertising items that you don't own in your inventory ( You really should desist when community mods have removed your posts and they're one step away from hitting you with a community ban on that account as well. Try coming back. It'll be easier to permanently ban you from the GTA forums at the very least. Regardless, you're not going to be able to freely post in at least the GTA 5 forums since others here confirmed that you're a scammer and I'm part of that community.

Imagine being hated by not only the community but by the moderators to this extent. You have serious issues.

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unfair trades + scammer + giving random reps before trades. I really do not like ppl who is making profit from steam trades. He gave -rep because I reported him to steam


enjoy your community ban

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This is a revenge review. Yesterday, February 23rd, this user sent me a trade offer in which he offered to exchange two of my cards for two of his cards.

Despite the fact that in the title of absolutely every one of my discussions, without exception, I indicate that I trade my cards ONLY for gems, or "CS: GO" / The Steam Awards / Holiday Sale / Winter Sale / Summer Sale backgrounds and emoticons.

In response, I sent him a counter offer, in the description of which I quoted the title of my discussion and asked if he could even read, since he hadn’t read the title.

A couple of minutes later, this user sent me a second trade offer, in which he wanted one of my cards, without offering anything in return. Plus in the description he wrote this (original grammar): "800 for2 cards? you re scammer. reported".

After I wrote a negative review in his SteamTrades profile, in which I warned users who would want to trade with him that if he doesn't like their offer, he would call them a scammers and report them, this user reported my screenshots, which I, as always, uploaded to Steam, and Steam Support removed them. And only ten hours later, after two of my four screenshots were deleted, he responded to my review and wrote this vengeful negative review. In which he calls me a scammer, citing a screenshot of my counter offer as a "proof" of his words, a screenshot of which I myself uploaded to Steam and included in my review. In this regard, I've uploaded all of my screenshots to Imgur, plus two new ones, proving that two of my four screenshots were deleted because of his report, and that this user is a pathetic vindictive child who will report every user whose offer he don't like.

Due to the new circumstances, I not only don’t recommend anyone to trade with this user, but I strongly do not recommend to trade with him, because if he does not like your offer, he will not just report about you to Steam Support, but also leave you a negative review on SteamTrades, in which will lie about you being a scammer.

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This dude random +rep people. Then random add people on steam asking if they remember him. that he already have done deals with them in a hope to probably scam people

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I have never traded with you and have never even contacted you once. If you claim that we traded or / and contacted, then give some evidence of this, because your bare words will not convince anyone here. I don't even have to prove anything, because you did not bring any screenshots of "our chat" or the trade between us. If you claim that we have traded or / and contacted, then edit your review and prove your words, otherwise your review will be deleted due to unsubstantiated accusations, which will eventually happen, because you have nothing to prove, since it never happened.

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-rep, leaves random rep on pages. I've never traded with this person and he's left +rep on my profile, seems like he's done for others as well, seems sus.

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-Rep, leaves random Rep on people without even doing a trade...
So don't trade with this person, as prob all these +Reps are from people just giving it back, without trading with him.

He added me on steam and this is what he wrote:

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This is a revenge review. Initially, this user left me a positive review, but then he edited it and changed it to negative. How is this happened, you ask? Well, if you really want to know, then sit down comfortably, because here's the entire story:

On January 26th, this user sent me a friend request:

I accepted his request and our conversation began. He asked if I trade cards for gems. I have confirmed that yes, this is correct. Then he said that he want to buy all my cards from the game "Dynasty Warriors 9", and asked how many gems I want for them. I calculated the cost of all my cards from this game and replied that I could trade them for 500 gems. He didn't like my price and said that he could buy a whole set of cards from this game for 800 gems, but to my logical question, why didn't he buy a set for 800 gems, he replied that he already has several "Dynasty Warriors 9" cards and he do not need a whole set, and that the other trader don't want to break his set:

I said that I don't care about the prices of the other traders, and that I think 500 gems is a good price for my cards. Then he asked me to lower my price, saying that he want to buy all the cards at once, not just one. I thought about this and reduced the price to 450 gems. He asked me to lower the price even more, but I refused and said that 450 is my minimum and that I will not trade them cheaper. He agreed to that price. I sent him a trade offer and we traded. I thanked him for a trade, and he thanked me:

He gave me +rep in my Steam profile:

And a minute later I gave him +rep in his Steam profile:

Couple of minutes later, he said that he noticed that I registered on SteamTrades and asked if I could give him +rep in his profile there. I replied that no problem, and that I hope he will give me +rep there as well. He said: "sure":

I gave him +rep on SteamTrades:

And a couple of minutes later he gave me +rep on SteamTrades as well:

I thanked him for +rep, and he thanked me.

On the same day, eight hours later, he messaged me again. He asked if I trde cards from the game "GooCubelets: The Algoorithm". I replied that yes, this is correct, and clarified that I am actually trade four full sets of cards from this game. I asked if he wanted to buy one, he replied yes and that he is ready to buy a set for 350 gems. I, stunned by his offer, asked if he was serious. He asked how much I want for a set, and I replied that 1800 gems. He did not like my proposal and asked if I was on drugs. I replied that 1800 gems for a non-tradable set of cards, which you can receive only via trade, is a good price. He, however, said again that he could buy a whole set of cards for a small price - this time for 300 gems. But to my logical question, why wouldn't he buy a set of cards for 300 gems, but wants to buy it from me for 350, he never answered, saying instead: "We have already traded an I left you +rep on ST and you cant give me a set for 350 gems?":

I replied that my price is 1800 gems, and if he does not like it, then he can find another trader. He said that the maximum price for a set of non-tradable cards is 350 gems, but I replied that I don’t care what price he consider the maximum, and I said once again that my price is 1800 gems. And I also added that if he is not satisfied with my price, then he should not waste my and his time.

But in response he said something that I did not expect at all. He wrote: "I gave you +rep on steamtrade I can delete it or change it to -rep". I, of course, went nuts because of this and asked if he threatens me. In response, he sarcastically said: "Nonono I’m just warning you". I, continuing to go nuts because of this, warned him that if he threatened me at least one more time, he would get blacklisted. After that, he asked for the last time if he correct in assuming that I'm not going to give a set of cards for 350 gems, and I replied that his assumption is correct. He wrote: "Well alright then", and after a couple of minutes later he added: "Check your ST profile". As soon as I read this message, I immediately checked my SteamTrades profile and saw that he changed his review from positive to negative, saying that I supposedly left him a positive review, although we never traded. A minute later he sent me another message, in which he asked: "Do you like it?" To my logical question, why did he do it, he replied: "If you want me to change my rep back to positive give me a set for 350 gems". I replied that he could shove his -rep in his own ass, and that I don't need his consent to delete his -rep. In response, he laughed and wished me luck. This was the last message he sent me. Over the next few minutes, I took screenshots of our conversation, deleted my +rep in his Steam profile, unfriended and blacklisted him. A couple of minutes after that, he deleted his +rep in my Steam profile as well.

A few hours after I blacklisted him, he edited his review on SteamTrades again and added a fake screenshot of our conversation, which supposedly confirms that we never traded:

Initially, I thought it would be difficult for me to debunk his fake screenshot, but it turned out to be much easier than I thought, because after he faked our conversation, he forgot to clear the previuos aliases history of his alternate account, and I, having entered "Tom Hansen" in the search bar of Steam users, on the third page without any problems found his alternative account, in the previuos aliases history of which you can still see my Steam aliase:

I took screenshots of the search page and his alternate account in case he, after reading my review, decides to delete his alternate account's previuos aliases history:

This user is a pathetic liar and possibly even a scammer, who at first fairly trades with someone, leaves a positive review in their profiles on SteamTrades, and then changes it to negative and blackmails other users, saying that he will change his review back to positive only if they give him what he wants.

I don't have enough evidence to accuse him of scamming, but I want to reach out to those users who have traded or want to trade with him: if this user has ever tried or will try to do something similar to you, then don't be afraid, and, just like me, leave him a negative review on SteamTrades, because, if this is not the first time he does this, then people should know about it so that he could not blackmail other users anymore.

If this is true, and blackmail is his way of scamming people, then I really hope that I am the last one to suffer from this, and thanks to my review in his SteamTrades profile he will no longer be able to blackmail anyone else.

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Careful guys, this trader gives "+REP" to random people, most likely to receive some too, without actually trading. Might be a way to gain a lot of rep very fast, & scam people afterwards. Never scammed me, but suspicious anyway.

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