Fooled me in the exchange, impersonating another person. Dont trust this skum

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Just another skumbag skammer. I send him GTA 5 gift and he blocked me after that

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Scammer. Send him key, recieve nothing,

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+REP, Reliable and quick trader. Recommended!

Edited 15/11/17:

We completed this trade and I gave him +rep.

domingo, 5 de novembro de 2017
10:13 - Bujica: Hi, ready to trade?
10:14 - kiwi: Hello, yes I am
10:14 - Bujica: I prefer link this time if possible.
10:14 - kiwi: I'm sorry I don't have the gift link, I'm willing to go first though
10:15 - Bujica: no problem, key is fine.
10:15 - kiwi: Silence: 053QH--------64LZM
10:15 - Bujica: And you, key or link?
10:16 - kiwi: Key please
10:16 - Bujica: Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty: EKKKB-------MGV9J
10:17 - kiwi: Thank you, the key works. I'll now set the trade as complete and leave rep
10:17 - Bujica: Thnak for the trade, going to complete and +rep for you too.
10:17 - Bujica: Have a nice day.
10:17 - kiwi: You too

Now he changed my feedback to negative and lied calling me a scammer. He received and activate the game.

NOT Recommended!

Edited 17/11/17

He apologizes and change again the feedback.

I hope this ends here.

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