+rep, fast and easy trade.

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+rep Very good trade

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I received cards for a game, no issue to report and thanks for the trade!

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+rep good trader

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+rep smoothy smooth

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+rep Good trader, bought couple of my keys.

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+rep thanks for the trade!

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-rep made really exaggerated offers, not to say scam, spam this post in a loop, and multiple bump in less than 12 hours which is an offense on steam trader group. I don't recommend it.

edit: ah you're going to take revenge on the profile of people who give you -rep, but why did you take so long to get revenge? 2 weeks later.

  • edit : here is the proof that he takes revenge on the one who puts a -rep on him. https://prnt.sc/iTvHVYbzp6SM and https://prnt.sc/ApTseUdD3zXW
    ++ edit : Hello, I have read your message carefully, I consider my message is still in agreement with what I had written, because it was in a general way to inform others about the accuracy of prices. I and others have tried to help you on the conversion of prices to gems and keys a few times, I don't think you have understood or taken into consideration the help received. It's always difficult for a 'newbie' to trade, although you've been around for a while... I don't mean to smear your reputation or anything like that, but I'm not going to withdraw my opinion.
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.You could have won but I'm not spiteful.
I don't take advantage of people because I try to lower prices. For example, now they are not so expensive but I also listen to advice.I don't like that they say falsehoods about me.This review could be th.ere. And I did two giveaways. And the people who are voting could choose to leave this message or not. But I always keep my word. reasonable person.I can make mistakes but I will never be a scammer.I can sometimes put high prices but when a person says that it is expensive I lower it.You may think I'm pleading with you but not you. I'm pleading with the people who are voting.I'm not stingy.I am not vindictive and I do not cheat.The vote that was closed is not a defeat. And if when they will do it again, people will realize that I have never scammed anyone but even if I make mistakes I am not a bad person.I think the people who closed the vote will regret it since I will not be able to sell. Because I have games to sell, of good quality.Also when I make a mistake I try to fix it.

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