My significant other was confronted by a user under the name Rudian over discord and he attempted to break the rules of FFXIV and the subreddit he found her through by tricking her into giving him real-world money and blatantly lying to her, saying it was not against any rules to do such a thing. In FFXIV, Real Money Transactions are HIGHLY PUNISHABLE if discovered, and can go as far as one having their entire account deleted by Square Enix. This person then went on a rampage after I outed him as a scammer to my s/o, going to any and every subreddit post she made, falsely claiming she was a scammer instead when in reality she simply did not know what she was doing.

The Rudian we encountered is a shady dealer with a horrible temper and will openly violate rules to get money. After speaking to the real Rdian, I am not sure whether or not it really was him, but I wanna believe it was just someone he pissed off, so I'll leave this as a warning for anyone that might encounter the same impostor.

In case anyone contacts the fake Rudian over discord, his ID is, or was, Rudian7#6962. This one is a scammer and will say anything to trick you into giving him money.

I want to emphasize that this is no longer a post accusing REAL Rudian, but rather as a warning to those who would be linked to this profile by the impostor, as he uses this page to "prove" he is not a scammer. Please be aware of RMT rules in your games. It's not worth losing all your progress and lots of money just for a virtual house.

Former statements have been deleted in a gesture of trust that I am not being lied to. The following are two screenshots of the beginning and end of my S/Os conversation with user Rudian7#6962 on discord.

Edit 2
I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and edit this post a second time to make it clear that it was a user under the name Rudian7. At this point there is no way to prove it one way or any other. If this really was an impostor, I apologize for my actions, but for now, as I said, I will take you at your word.

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Im sorry this is happen to you, but that not the real me

Edit: FYI, i dont play FFXIV and i dont have that can check in my library. i guest you got my impersonatory.
this my steam profile,
tell him to send his Steam/Steamtrades profile link, then compare it to mine.

I dont play in reddit forum (blocked in my country, INDONESIA)
I dont active in any discord forum
I dont have Bitcoin Wallet

Feel free to chat with me if you need a more prove

If you are a longtime player in Steamtrades, it's actually very easy to prove that it's a fake Rudian. you just have to know his steam profile id, and click "visit Steam Profile" in above of my Steamtrades, then see, you will immediately be directed to the original Steam profile id: and this my steam profile, otherwise it means fake.

I hope that will make you understand if you got the wrong target. he only took advantage of my name and reputation (many cases are like this if you are not careful). someone with a high reputation is very prone to be taken advantage of by cloning it.

Once again, really sorry about this, good luck and careful next time

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