-REP Jinn0 has a very suspicious behavior and he writes negative comment just by frustration.

Here is the situation:

This guy made an offer on my thread with several Steam gifts of high value games (Black Desert Online, Blitzkrieg 3, Stardew Valley, ...) for my Bayonetta.

They're not listed on his single thread (just containing cheap games) and they're not on his Steam account, so I asked where these gifts were.

He answered me that they're stored on friends profiles. I asked him to show me these profiles, he instantly answer me that he had found Bayonetta with another trader. I think he was probably lying.

He act and answers like a scammer, be very careful with him.

I think Jinn0 totally deserves this negative comment with the way he acts, I let the community decide that.

Proof :

His Thread
His -REP On My Profile

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I'm new to trading, and was looking for a simple trade. my friend has several games as gifts and i have steam wallet balance of £12.50. To be fair I wasn't totally honest with him i was going to just buy the game he wanted if it wasn't in my friends inventory and gift to him.
I didn't mention the steam wallet balance because i thought he would want more.
No scamming, I've traded fine on here before. If anything sounds like miscommunication from my end.
You can see on my profile previous trades +1

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