Sadly he is a scammer. dont trade with him. He said he had assassins creed oddesy and sorprise.. he deleted me. I got my game free but anyway... avoid him at all cost axcept you wanna be scammed (also he changes his steam name every times..) Be careful :(

Here is what happend: I gave him the code for TWW 2, he gave me his AC code, i tried it. It didnt worked. He say to me: ´Try tomorrow. Meanwhile give me your Batman code so i can put it in my trades and i will talk to the guy who gave me this key to replace it´. Of course i say to him that once i have the new code i will give him batman. Next day i woke up and he wasnt in my list of friends.

Screenshots of everythig:

As you can see in these screenshots i sent him pictures, please note the date:

So i contacted with team support, and they sent me this:

This should be more than enough proof that he scammed me.

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-rep Sadly a scammer and a liar. Gave him a ac odyssey code and he said that uplay store was under maintenance and code wasnt working because of it. After that removed me from steam before giving me code for batman telltale as agreed. Be very careful of trading with this person. Those screenshots further makes my point valid, i say i didnt use TWW2 and i wanted it for retrade as soon as i gave you ac odyssey code you used it for yourself and blamed uplay store maintenance as seen in your screens!

And, btw, nice screenshot of steam activation of that key, weird that i say im gonna use it to retrade and its activated isnt it? So you get my AC Odyssey code + activate TWW2 to frame me.

UPDATE: As you can see this trader has been accused by another user of scamming, providing no justification or answer to his other negative reputation. Moreover, he also closed all his thread trades. Sad to see he got my negative reputation removed by community vote and he scammed 2 guys consecutively whereas I got scammed and still have his lying negative rep falsely accusing me.

UPDATE 2: He keeps scamming and getting negative reviews meanwhile his bad rep is still glued on my account, whereas his was removed by community vote. Total bullshit but whatever.

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+REP, Bought Pax Nova for CS:GO Keys.

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+REP, smooth transaction! :)

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+REP, very nice and friendly trader higly recomend :D

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+REP, very nice trader, recommended !!

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