+rep good trade

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+REP very friendly trader :D

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"+rep" a impatient person, he's like " a baby ", he urged me but don't know i'm very busy at the moment, and since the time zone between our country is different, i can't solve the problem because it's very late in my country and i have to sleep, and how can i give him the key when i'm sleeping ? This kid didn't understand the problem , he doesn't even have to work like me , lol .. I already pmed my friend to talk about that duplicated problem, since that duplicated key is from trading with him, but i didn't notice that i already have the game in my library, so i come to trade with him, sadly the key was duplicated, and i already told him that i will solve the problem and give him the game as soon as my friend is online, anyway i have no idea about that, because kid is still kid, how can i talk to him when his parents didn't teach him how to be kind and patient, such an irritable person !!

*Edit : The problem is solved now

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Quick & smooth trade, thanks! +rep

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+++Rep Very kind person, gave away a key and helped me with some trouble. Recomended! :)

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+rep! Very friendly, fast and trustworthy trader! Danke, Thank You, Merci, Gracias!

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+Rep Good trader :)

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+rep, changed, everything is fine, I threw the keys first

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