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!!!! - REP!!!

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! - Rep!
Be carefull with this person!

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I like to point out that the posts underneath with negative rep(mostly posted at the same time) are absolutely fake and just nasty demeanor. VASOKOLBASO and his alt(s?) Sassha (which got banned for now, which already says enough)

This steam user has never traded with Sassha, ohyesohnoyes, XalBa or UncleVova. So the negative comments are an absolutely joke to downvote someone who didn't put a foot wrong. It's sad to see that a site like steamtrades doesn't have a better system to protect users from the spread of false information and hatred.

I traded with her quite some times, as did many many others and anyone can see in her steam comments and I never ever had a single problem with her. So make of it what you will, but don't trust in childish dislike comments like the ones below, truly shows the age of some people on here.

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! - REP!
She insult my childs!
She insult my nation!
She ask free games
She ask free cards
She ask free steam profile rewards
She ask me acting like Im a Father of shis childs [mosly give presents]
She trade all night long steam cards! then call nanny [oh yes this nanny again insult shes childs - all insult shis childs] or friends and sleep day - then same again - best nother ever

Sadly i think its a crazy person acting mother of 3 childs for got something for free
She realy not acting like adult person
For example - I have 4 child and ask all of them write there what USE HUMAN KINDNESS ITS REALY NOT RIGHT THING!

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+rep good trader!

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Good trader

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Friendly & trustworthy. Multiple trades completed.

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█▄░▄█░█▀▀░█▀▀▀░ █▀█░░░
█░░█░█░▀▀█▀▀░█▀█░ █▀█░

Awesome trader, easy to work with, friendly, kind, intelligent, patient and fair. So definitely +REP from me!!!

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+Rep , very friendly & reliable trader. Have done multiple trades with her never had any problem.
Moreover she is such a kind hearted & caring person. Always gives great advices.

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+rep Friendly and reliable trader, HIGHLY recommended

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Trustworthy and reliable trader.

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!!!! - REP!!!!
Im trade near every day
near 2 years
and this is realy something what I seen ferst time
and not want more
most gupsy style person what i seen in internet:

  • during trade "please be quick... I wast my time with you but my childs need my time"
  • during trade "bye I better trade with more fast traders" - I delete she but she add me again
  • during trade broke our last agreement
  • after trade she ask give more things [like steam profile rewards]
  • after trade ask my steam trading card with higher price in way: "my child want it! can you please give it to my child? you sure? oh please give it to my child! she will be so happy!"
  • after I giveaway some game key for shis childs: "do you made gifts on steam gifts? do you know another kind persons like you?" [she says want this game but price too expensive and shis life too hard etc etc] https://i.imgur.com/WcpbHFu.png
  • next day after trade: " I been scummed on trade - person got all my gems and igonre me now" but I seen a lot of gems in shes inventory and ask link on profile of person who scum she... she says what he delete she and she cant fine he anymore... I ask she screen from trade history with that person - she says what cant seen it becorse she use sifi posibly [she says before what works in IT]
  • after trade ask me post some mesage under sgis screenshots for she can easely later find me
  • many many times ask me not write to she becorse shis autistic [she says what they autistic] childs play games on this account
  • at least whe all been ok she start talk with me like mother
  • insult chinese peoples [when I ask she is she is a gypsy - she says what chinese beoples ask something for free but shes not] Personaly I know a lot of chinese peoples in steam and no one ask from me something for free...

Im realy got some psihological trauma with this...
Its realy some GYPSY ALLIGATOR there - you give to he or she [realy dont know who it is] finger but she want hand
you give hand but she want half of oyur body etc etc
try manipulate with authistic childs with poor life
I try be honest
I try be kind
I try be patient
nothig work there

after this case i realy want wash my hands and drink vodka for forgot about this horror
[now I have bad dreams - poor japanese woman with 3 or fore poor authistic child stay behind my door and ask my trade cards with cats... they cry.. but I have no any steam cards with cats... I cant sleep any more]
ugly soul under kawaii avatar be carefull!

Блин... после общения с этой милфой [?] мне надо в санаторий:

  • очень торопила во время трейда / пыталась манипулировать детьми и другими трейдерами
  • достигли соглашения но ёна сделала вид будто последнюю нашу договорённость не видела
  • клянчила дорогие карточки для детей [на вопрос на кой ляд детЯм карточки, тем паче не маркетабельные - дети любят смотреть как они крутятся во время создания значка... амба полнейшая]
  • после обмена потребоала поставить ей награды в профиль [о чём раньше и речи не было]
  • понравилась ей ещё одна моя игра - начало слёзный рассказ про то как бросил муж и как тяжко жить с 3мя детями аутистами и собакой с кошкой а квартплата мол в нидерландах дорогая - ну шо поделашь, честно выциганила свою игру...
    на этом я готовыл был миром разойтись...

НО бляха муха: на следующий день - пишет что ея кто то кинул на джемсы [в инвентаре у неё их много как было так и осталось со вчерашнего дня... она сказала что её обчистили подчастую]
ну я как теперича лучший друг всех цыган-аутистов попросил ссыль на профиль негодяя и скрин с истоией обмена с ним джемсами...
ничего предоставить наша японо-цыганка не смогла: злыдень её удалил и примет его она не помнит
скрин истории обмена не может показать тк использует вай-фай [да да наша мать героиня промышляет програмированием]

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You do not have screenshots from this: You insulted my children! I never rush trades, ever! You have so many accounts it is not even funny anymore! I do NOT insult Chinese people: I can even write in Chinese, Japanese, German and Dutch if you want (can through in a little French too).

I do have both Japanese and Chinese friends, so your comment is weird and this all comes out of the blue, why? We did not trade three weeks ago! I can screenshot it if you want?! What is wrong with mentioning my childrens conditions: It states on my profile that everyone should respond in a kind way because one of them might read this: many can validate this!! The trade we made was not even with gems > you got games from me and I got NM-cards from you > need a screenshot as proof?! > I can give it!

Edit: You called me disobedient when I did not want to take your free games.

Edit: I NEVER spoke to you in Russian: you use Photoshop to create false chat-pictures and stalk my account with all of your alt-accounts. Girl, I am almost 3 times as old as you and I sure did find out who you really are. I will not let a child that clearly needs negative attentions instead of positive ruin my day or reputation. Don't you ever cross this line again: attacking my children about their disabilities, trying to act like you can not speak English> Why cán you do that flawlessly when you insult ánd stalk peoples accounts?! Stop trying. I know the truth and you do to. I usually do not waste my time on young girls crying for negative attention, but going after my children is 1 step too far!

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+rep, friendly person I trade some cards for gems and Yoku's Island Express game.

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+rep patient and understanding. despite my higher rep, i went first without any problems. recommended.

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