A pure RACIST and LIAR, -REP.
A few days ago, I sent him an offer (https://barter.vg/u/548d/o/3360971/) on Barter, he accepted it and almost immediately failed this offer claiming a dispute to me and said that I sent region locked keys to him after receiving his game. But the fact is there were no trades between he and I, I have never sent steam friend request to him, let alone giving him region locked keys. And there are no keys of SE1, SE3 region locked to CN according to steamDB.
At first I was confused and thought he might made a mistake clicking the wrong button when he wanted to decline the offer, but 1 day later, he left a comment saying 'I have to region lock with my trade, because you live China.'.
Everything is clear, this is a pure slander, he did this just because I am Chinese.
I have saved the screeshot of his comment in case he edits it one day, and you guys voting for this can click that Barter offer url or this(https://imgur.com/a/omqjBfT).
He should be banned from this site and Barter, and deserves all the -rep.

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