Here's my +rep
Thanks for the trade!

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+rep Fast and Easy to trade with

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  • { Jv } - is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
    RobbyRatpoison: Hey, thanks for the offer:
    RobbyRatpoison: Are you still interested in trading your Rayman Legends for my Outlast 2?
  • { Jv } - is now Online.
  • { Jv } -: Yeah
    RobbyRatpoison: Is it a Steam key? I'm not interested in Uplay games
  • { Jv } -: All my games are for Steam, I do not use other platforms
    RobbyRatpoison: Okay I can do that trade, but you will have to go first because of fake +reps on your steamtrades page
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(screenshot of the same conversation)

When accused of scamming this user they used alt accounts to put fake +rep on their page to seem legit. They removed me from their friends list because I wouldn't let them scam me the same way.

Be very careful trading with this person.

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I never cared about this site so I never responded to this review, but now, after 5 years, I'm using it so let's go..

He gave me a negative review only because I didn't want to go first to the trade, you can see it in the screenshot he sent

About the multi accounts he mentioned, he is wrong. The last 3 + reps on my profile are from friends of mine after an trade that we did here on the site even if I'm not mistaken, but they are not fake profiles, much less mine, you can check them here:


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+rep nice and fast trade

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Ty for the trade dude!!!

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thank for trade S2

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Leaving my first negative REP on STEAMTRADES after +4 years for the reason this review system was created: avoid scamming

This guy offered in this thread a few games in which I was interested on. I left my offer and when we got an agreement he added me on Steam. I went first as usual since I've never had problems.

You can check here how I gave my game while he never replied back:

Then I saw how he came online after 12h of uncertainty:

I talked to him about what was going on, then he just removed me from his friendlist and also he changed his steam name and his profile picture in order to make it difficult to find him:

I set up a bait with a better offer from my other steam account:

And ofcourse he added me to make the scamtrade

The code I gave to him ofc was insta redeemed and comes from my own Humblebundle

(Also the Steam activation date after asking to Steam Support is 04:45:11 on 28/05/2018 GMT+2), check out when I gave him the game.

The game given is redeemed on his account
At this points he even tries a new smokescreen here, please read the text is priceless

Turning a blind eye

Last words
Since he didn't reply back I just posted this rep

FIRST EDIT: The guy has just removed my other account from his friendlist (without replying me back about if he was going to provide a real key for the exchange or he wanted to get this scaled up) and he has changed again his profile picture and name

EDIT2. He's using alt. accounts


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+rep good and fast trader!
Thank you :)

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