Sends random invites and then harassing others over the steam chat.

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Please include a screenshot of the chat at least :)

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Tried to buy 1 game from me and insisted to use PayPal. Then he decided to want to buy about 7 games from me and asked me for a total and again insisted that he payed with PayPal. The total was for $111.50 USD and he then said he only had $110 is that ok. I replied, with a funny feeling bout this guy, with "Well, i just tried to log into my PayPal and it won't let me for some reason". He was then prompting me to fix it and getting me to try to connect to my email also asking how much money I had in my PayPal. After this I went and scoured the net for reputation on this guy and come across this profile. Just couldn't help myself, had to write this here. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY!! Wofts of scammer real bad! Was deleted and blocked right after this rep post. -----------Rep

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