Scammer - 10 TF2 Keys

Bro do not lie to people and do not be ridiculous.
Trade was today 14 July.
I sent trade offer (10 TF2 keys 1st screenshot) and you accepted it. Then you send me a game key which is invalid (you can try activate it on steam and get error). I wrote that so he resend another key which should works but still error "Invalid Product Code" (3rd scressnhot).
After last my messange he blocked me without any answer.

his fake steam keys:

All our conversation:

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(VAC ban human)

Well, this comes as quite a surprise. The user "Cam" comes off as a friendly trader on the surface - taking a look at this reputation across various trading venues I was not in the least hesitant to initiate a trade for a few games. I was wrong. Unfortunately, after a short period of time dealing with him is when I noticed strange things starting to happen.

However, allow me first to preface with some important details.

  • All potential traders are advised that ALL TRADES ARE FINAL. Once keys or gifts are sent, there are NO TRADEBACKS. This helps to prevent impulsive trades or trades which cause remorse.
  • If a key code is traded and you allege that the key is used, I cannot guarantee this is fact. Especially in this case, "Cam" does NOT activate the games traded to him. He resells them to other users for profit. I cannot verify if the game I traded to him was used by him or by someone else.
  • He claims that I traded him games that were already used/activated. He approached me through Steam chat almost A WEEK AFTER THE TRADE was completed. This is very suspicious when it comes to trading. I have no way of knowing if he used the games himself or sent the key to someone else.
  • When a trade is made and it is then noticed that a key doesn't work, I will do my best in replacing the game right then and there. There are no guarantees but I will do my absolute best to replace the game that is rightfully yours.
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Great trader, smooth and fair! Thanks!

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+rep Good trader! Friendly and trustworthy!

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Cool trader, Patient and Fair.

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Great Trader+

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