Attempted to sell me a bot for csgo keys, gave him cd key as thanks on top for his time. I bought the keys from the market later to find he resold the card bot from another person without permission and paty unfriended myself. Now I have 15 untradeable csgo keys and a loss of a game and my time.

One account mate stop spamming your trade with your bot account, 3 trade are only allowed on one account per user! not 3 of the same trades! nor another account doing this also its against TOS:

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+rep trusted trader

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+REP. Good quick trade for sets

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+Rep !
We traded 36 Sets of Cards for 3 CS:GO Keys :-)
He made a trade offer after 24h Hours because he didn't had the full Trade Offer and didn't wanted to get something without giving something.
After waiting for 24h he made 3 Trade offers with 36 Sets included.
No Scam whatsoever, and he acted politely :-)


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+rep great and friendly trader :D

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+rep Just traded with him via his trade link (his cards - mine key). All is ok

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he is super awesome :) lets trade with him and noone else

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+Rep fast and good trader!!!

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+rep very good deal
cool trader :)

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+rep trusted and faster ... thank you for trade !!

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