+rep nice guy, patient, understanding, cool, thanks for the trade

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+rep good trader

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+rep great trader

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Nice, friendly and trustful trader! Highly recommend! rep+

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Good trader +rep

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Traded with this user for FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Starter from Twitch Prime. When I try activate code after some time I got message about duplicated code.
I asked user about that and.... he just deleted me from friend list on steam without single word.
Probably in the meantime when I didn't activated code yet, he just traded this with someone else or using personally.

I could suspect that the error lies on Twitch's side, but removing me from friends right after question is clear

Just be careful and activate codes from him before giving your game.
I trusted him, but I forgot that usually occasional traders don't care much about rep.

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I told you flat out to check the code before you used it and you didn't. I deleted you because I didn't want to hear your whining about me supposedly activating it when you probably gave it to someone and forgot.

So yeah, go ahead and give me -Rep because you're upset you made a mistake. Not my fault :)

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+rep! Easy and fast trader!

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great trader, +rep

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[+rep] reliable and trusted trader, a pleasure to deal with! :-)

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Quick, polite and trustworthy trader! c:

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They went first, and the trade was very smooth. Very polite, respectful person. Recommended!

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