This lovely scammer (literally a scammer) sold me 5 coupons of AMD 2/3.

Turns out AMD blocked it and I didn't get HALF of my games, when I asked for a refund for the half that didn't work he tried to blame me and then gave me an ultimatum of "you'll either take what I give you or GTFO". He then did refund me, but only a small amount that "he deemed fair". Is this the type of person you wanna trade with?

I honestly don't think it is. be careful of this guy, he's a snake.

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As I predicted a revange feedback has come that is obviously against steamtrades rules. Calling people scammer and being that salty.
His selling expectattions didn't work the way he wants, so he blames everybody but not himself.

Refunded a small amount, which was 40%(for his fault) of the full amount, what a liar. (read below the conversation)

Look at his fake AMD response they don't match email address, time and answer structure at all. His paintjob looks really poor.

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