• Rep! Good trader!
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Good trade

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+rep good trader

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Great trader, +rep!

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++Rep🥰They gifted me a key just because my trade introduction made them laugh. A v kind trader!

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Unreliable seller, rude, gives bad reputation AND LIE if you don´t accept their conditions.

Original negative review he did to me, that started all this: https://i.imgur.com/6QODs6Q.png
Old reply from him of this review, in each one edit he did, something new was invented https://i.imgur.com/9mhxvgS.jpg

I replied his original negative review and then he edited that several times with lack of respect and false accusations to try to fool people like in this reply of my review, so i hope this negative review stays, so this doesn't happen to anyone else.

All the problem was that i didn't want to make a deal with him, and i left the chat.

Original Post

I thought this user tried to scam me or waste my time when he add me, because he wanted that i send first a key that i have from my list so i quickly notice and quit with "thanks anyway im not interested", he gets angry and gives me a bad rep, i tried to talk several times, he blocked me and have fun with me with things like this "我不会说英语。sorry" (I do not speak English. sorry), because i said in the response of his bad reputation "maybe he doesn´t understand english", because i don´t get this.


I hope that no one makes deals with this user because looks for problems where don´t exist and tries to damage the reputation of reliable traders.

edit: i see your update with insults and defamation, i don't understand so much hate, I had no problem apologizing if something bothered you if it was necessary, but you have shown that you are a person who doesn´t know how to behave.

For me it was just a deal I didn't want to do, my time is very valuable, you should dedicate this effort to things in life that are really important.

You continue to disrespect me and defame me, i tried to be nice, worse for you, i still have the Grime key and you'll see how soon I'll change it with a nice trader with better rep than me so i will give the key first so he can activate in the moment, you should learn how this page works, so stop crying and calling me a scammer.

You can have thousands of games or the highest level in your profile, but here, you are a noob.

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this scammer tries to argue away his failure

(and scammy - normally I would send my lawyers after you )

AGAIN this user is a SCAMMER!!!

AND scammy - that's my job, so i take this time especially for you -
to stop you scams ...

as i wrote before you try to scam a new one .... mr reliable trader (after 1 year of active last trade !!)

YOU should have a look on the profile

hello reader, when you feel unsure read this info on steam about Confidence Scams and Trade Scams.
Scam FAQ (Confidence Scams and Trade Scams)

Scammy - i don't care about your key - i can buy the game if i wanted.
and or but -- you´re a Scammer not more nor less

and as you can see i know how the page works
but what i really hate on steam or here "SCAMMER"

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+rep fast and friendly

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+REP Gamer2012© < 龙凌霆 > is an amazing trader, recommended! We successfully completed this trade: https://barter.vg/u/3f74/o/4803982/. Thanks a lot for the trade!

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Friendly and reliable trader!

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+Rep 😁✌🏻
Good and friendly trader

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+Rep Quick, friendly, reliable trader. Thank you for a trade!

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+rep good trader =)

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All is good, +rep :)

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! + Rep! Good trader!

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+rep, awesome trader

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