+Rep. Friendly and trustworthy trader.

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+Rep! Honest and friendly trader =)

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+rep, great trader. Recommended!

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Dirt Rally for Satellite Reign. Simple trade, but I hope Dirt Rally works in the US as I'm not sure. User said they would PayPal me for the game if a problem arises, though. So not worried about anything if it comes down to it.

edit: went above and beyond worried over the key. Decided to PayPal me for the game and let me keep the key despite the suggestion to keep it. Would trust immensely for trades.

edit2: key did work too, so the user really didn't have to go that far. I gave them a copy of Hotline Miami 2 to 'pay it forward', though.

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+rep, he went first.

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++++++++Rep! Nice trader

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+rep, quick, friendly and nice trader!

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Fast and good trader! +rep

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+rep, good trader

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+rep great trader, very fast, friendly, and trustworthy

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+rep Trustworthy, fast and nice trader. :)

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  • rep
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Nice trader +rep!

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