+rep, awesome trader, very reliable. Was very patient through the entire process. Highly Recommended !!

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+rep The trade went without any problems whatsoever

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+rep really fast and easy trade

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+rep, smooth trade and trustworthy. I recommend!

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+rep sold him a game, he sent TF2 keys first. Trustworthy and friendly trader :)

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+rep friendly and fast trader

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+Rep traded a skin key for some TF2 keys, he went first due to lower rep, we both verified trade goods and it was all good! Great trader with great communication!

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I wanted to trade WWII to 5 Euro.
I gave him a giftlink and he said he couldn't redeem the key it gave and I refunded the 5 Euro, next guy I try to trade WWII to he said it was unredeemeable.
Do not trade.
Edit: http://prntscr.com/pt551g
Edit2: http://prntscr.com/pxk3e9 Trying to resell it here for higher price, no shame.
Edit3: http://prntscr.com/q0biqj Well this is beyond any proof you need, decided to take the loss of the key and have the truth out :)

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Gave me a key which didn't work in my country despite him saying it will, later he blamed me for trying to resell it at a higher price despite him never wanting it back in the end when he wanted it back I decided to give it back after all and you can see from edit3 that I send him multiple messages asking if he is here so I can return it when he is, so he can immediately remove the bad rep, but he never answered to those messages, I am pretty small in steam trades, but as you can see I have traded with some high rep people and always went first with whatever payment method they wanted so they never feel they can be scammed. They all say that trades with me went quick and painless.

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+REP, great and smooth trader, he bought from me a game and he went first on Paypal. Recommended, thanks!

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