Gave me a negative rep for a six months old trade. So I am unable to take screenshots of our older conversations which is putting me in an unfair position so I will try to explain what happened.

At the time we were trading I told him I will go first and provided my key, then he checked if that key is still working or not, he found it’s working at that time and he was okay with giving me a game back.Then he waited six months to use the key or resell the key on a site and found it’s not working and blaming me for everything. Most of the traders on Steamtrader are resellers, so am I, how can I guarantee what will happen to a key after six months and it’s a key something can happen in between if you don’t use it. At the time we had trade he was okay with it and gave me a positive rep back..

Even though he gave me a negative rep, I understand his frustration, his side and I tried to cooperate with him. I offered him any other game I currently have as a small gesture at the end but he didn’t take a screenshot of it and went with a negative rep.


It’s not FULL CONVERSATION if you are accusing someone of something after 6 months, since steam chat does not allow that. The screenshots of the conversations he is providing took place today as he is trying to portray he is totally innocent, the actual conversation for the trade was 6 months ago. As you can see I was trying corporate with him and said sorry If I did something wrong from my side. Now he is lashing out on chat for giving him a negative rep. I never gave anyone a negative rep before. Yes I don’t want to trade with someone who will keep a key for 6 months to use it either, to avoid this kind of mess. I want people to decide fairly if I am still responsible for a key(not link) that was traded away 6 months ago. He may have done something with it, who knows, blaming me for everything after 6 months.

Since he knows about HB giveaways then why he agreed to go with the trade, I gave him the key first to see if it’s working for him. This trade took place after 3-4 months of the HB giveaway, so he was aware that it passed the expiring date. Overall very rude guy, where I was trying corporate, I even said sorry if I did something wrong and he is complaining I am a liar, manipulator. I would have given him a different game if he was nice about it. I don’t know what he is trying to accomplish by giving random links, rather than giving actual conversation of that day.


If he is innocent why isn’t he providing the conversations of the actual trade?(not what we talked yesterday). He was the one who lied, manipulative, rude throughout and accused me of something without solid proof. It was a free game that’s why I gave the key to him to see if it’s working or not, otherwise why would I give him a bundle key to check if it’s working or not, this does not make any sense. At this point he is saying anything not to get a negative rep, don’t let him get away with what he is doing.

Important if you are trading with him

Do you really want to trade with someone who can flip from actual trade that occurred 6 months ago and tell you how dissatisfied they are, and end up giving you a negative rep? That’s what happened to me. This guy deserves a negative rep, just to give heads up to others who they are trading with. Even though he has a high rep, trade with him at your own risk.

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Well, he left me a revenge negative review: as he confessed, he deliberately did not tell me that the game he is trading is to expire within a week.

Please DO READ THE FULL CONVERSATION HERE and judge on your own:

By the very, very end of the conversation, he offered a game after pages of discussion trying to prove to me that we have tested the keys at the time of the trade, and they working just fine just after I was already uploading the data here. He is probably trying to find another reason, as he tried, relentlessly to find an excuse or a defense, instead of saying sorry, and offering a sort of compensation.

Last words:

Last edit: He is accusing me of coming back after 6 months, whilst the key basically would not have worked 1 or 2 weeks later neither, because most such HB giveaways with an expiration date last around a week or two, so how much time passed after is completely irrelevant, although I do believe you are still responsible for the games that you sell after 6 months. Additionally, including all over my posts and threads around SteamTrades, thus my private chats with fellow traders, I always speak out that I am a reseller (oftentimes without the need of it), I do trade to gain profit, but this doesn't mean what I am offering is unfair.

Note: more info about that particular game:

Long story short, I do not recommend trading with him.

EDIT: He keeps posting lies here as saying: " Since he knows about HB giveaways then why he agreed to go with the trade, I gave him the key first to see if it’s working for him. This trade took place after 3-4 months of the HB giveaway, so he was aware that it passed the expiring date."
Correction: HE NEVER TOLD ME HE GOT THIS GAME FREE FROM A HB GIVEAWAY, HE NEVER MENTIONED ABOUT THE EXPIRATION DATE, WHICH IS THE PROBLEM ITSELF, I HAD TO TALK WITH HIM 45 MINUTES AFTER 6 MONTHS JUST TO LEARN IT WAS A FREEBIE GAME THAT IS TO EXPIRE (after he denied again and again), please just do read the full conversation before believing his lies, because the actual proof of his lies is all laying there.

Calls me a very rude guy now, I do not know what to say anymore.. after 1 hour of conversation of lying, deceiving, manipulating from his side, whilst I was quite polite mostly till it is discovered that he is lying about it. He also has the guts of offering a random game after all that has happened and calling it a gesture from his side. Look I am trading here for a long time, for whatever trade I have made was faultful from my side: I always paid/compensated it fully, this is how you become a trustable trader, not for finding another lie for every little situation and offering a sort of compensation at the very end because you have absolutely no other choice and announcing it as a gesture!? He is delusional, manipulative, creating 10 different lies on one foot within a second, but it doesn't surprise me anymore.

VERY LAST EDIT: He accuses me there's no real proof, as it is in the conversation here is the separate links: ,

Do you know what is very good? Get a freebie from HumbleBundle that expires within a week, sell it after some time for some profit without saying it is about to expire, and when the trader has a problem after some time, DO EVERYTHING NOT TO DISCLOSE it is because that was an expiring freebie, and get rid of your negative review, and NOW I DO HAVE negative review, almost is about to stay, how dumb is this?

Sure thing, leave me a negative and remove his, community IQ OVER 40000, thanks guys. (

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