We traded about a week ago for a couple of games - COD:BO4, Assassin's Creed Origins etc. which were in form of gift links from Humble Monthlies. Besides those gift links he also traded me 2 games as keys - Kerbal Space Program and Galactic Civilizations III.
He guaranteed those two keys would work but just tonight when I've sent KSP key to my friend he said it's region locked. I then tried activating Galactic Civilizations III and Steam showed the "Invalid key" message.
Proofs of chat with this trader and my friend can be found here.

Also I tried adding him before writing this -rep but he blocked me.

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Now this is a blatant lie. First of all, KSP keys don't have and never had any region locks. For example, you can see it on GMG under "View Regions": https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/kerbal-space-program/
The game basically activates everywhere. There were no warnings about any restrictions, especially since I almost always use VPN for buying games outside of Steam. So, most likely, your friend is either a liar, a complete idiot, or both. And yeah, screens of your "dialog" with your "friend" — a ~1,5 year old account with 2 games on it, one of which is a f2p CS:GO — su-u-ure, not suspicious at all (Also - "Last Online 596 days ago", https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198437013453).

Secondly, GalCiv3 key was absolutely legit. I got it from Humble Monthly - July 2017. So, again, either the key had limited activation time, which I honestly didn't know about, or you're lying. In any case, I basically gave you the GalCiv3 key for free because I didn't know what to do with it anyway.

And right now you HAVE GalCiv3 on your account, by the way. So I guess the key was not so invalid, huh?

So this -rep feels just like a cheap lie and a revenge for me leaving negative comment about you ripping people off. Both of your statements are either a lie or something I wasn't responsible for.

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+rep, He went first, recommended!

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+REP, fast and secure trader! I recommend to all :-)

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+rep fast and nice trader :)

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+rep, Thanks for trade!

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Paypal trade, he went first +++rep

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