I have...



June 2017 Humble Monthly

January 2017 Humble Monthly

May 2016 Humble Monthly

Other games:

  • Scrolls Full Version

Desura: (300 gems each)

I want...
  • Steam games offers

  • Wishlist

  • TF 2 / CS:GO keys

  • Paypal

Leave offers here before adding me on steam. I'll reply as soon as possible and add you if I'd be interested in it.

5 years ago*

I can give The Flame in the Flood for your Stellaris

3 years ago

Hi. Ty for offer but I'll wait with that for better proposition.

3 years ago

Okay, you can check my thread: https://www.steamtrades.com/trade/5Sc52/
Probably i have many games from your steam wishlist.

3 years ago

Hi, I think I have some games from your wishlist here. Let me know if you're interested in anything of if you want me to give you an exact list of what I have from your wishlist.
I'm interested in these from your list :
Chroma Squad
Deranged Rabbits
Gunmetal Arcadia Zero
Nice Metro avatar btw
Edit: Also, on a side note, 'it's none of my business', but I can't help but comment on the offer above my message (kind of hard not to notice it): The flame in the flood just appeared in a $5 bundle from Bundlestars with 9 other games, and this gentleman is asking for your Stellaris that is valued at.. what, minimum $8 around here? Very legitimate indeed...

3 years ago*

Hi. Thanks for your offer. Yes, I can see few games from my wishlist out there.

At the moment for sure I can and I want to trade:

  • Chroma Squad
  • Deranged Rabbits
  • Gunmetal Arcadia Zero

I'm waiting with Copoka for other trader and think I'll wait a bit more with Stellaris.

Please, let me know which games are you willng to trade for games mentioned above.

3 years ago

"Mainlining"(your whislist) for "Copoka"?

3 years ago

Sry, don't have Copoka anymore.

3 years ago

How many keys for Stellaris?

3 years ago

hello, i send you a offer in barter,vg, maybe trade with me?
you have 4 or 5 games maybe i want, and i see minimum 2 games i have from your wishlist.
Say me something please

2 years ago

Closed 2 years ago.