Cards I have for Trade:

Earth Element
Water Element

The Binding of Isaac:
0 The Fool

Faster than Light:
Mantis Cruiser

Steam Summer Sale Getaway:
Bioshock Infinite
Torchlight II
Chivalry: Mediaval Warfare

Borderlands 2:

Cards I Want:

FTL Cards
Super Meat Boy Cards
The Binding of Isaac Cards
Portal 2 Cards

I Trade Gamecards from the same set 1:1, from other sets 1:2
It's also possible to offer something else than cards for my cards.

Please post your offer before adding me.

Have Fun!

9 years ago*

Somethings from here for Super Meat Boy?

9 years ago

Give you 1 tf2 key fot meat boy.

9 years ago

Closed 4 years ago.