Hiya, i really want half life games to my steam but im a mingy guy and prefer to do it this way instead of actually buying them, so i have the following:


Dungeons: The Dark Lord

Eschalon Book II

Galactic Arms Race

Livalink (desura)

Major Mayhem (desura)

Men of War: assault squad + dlc pack

Party of sin

The Adventures of Shuggy

iBomber defense pacific

edna & harvey: harveys new eyes

two worlds 2

the cat lady (desura)

planets under attack

Cities in motion

Painkiller: black edition




talisman prologue (desura)




hearts of iron 3

galactic civilizations 1:ultimate edition

fibrillation (desura)

king arthur complete collection


cognition: episode 1 (desura)

vitrum (desura)

Star Wolves 2

Death to Spies: Moment of Truth

Dynamite Jack

Beat Hazard Ultra

Nightsky HD

Solar 2

Super Hexagon

Dungeon Defenders + All DLC

So you can suggest a trade if you have something half life (any part of the series) and want to swap it for a game from above (or for a bunch of them) and ill tell you what i think, i also have dota 2 keys but i nobody really wants those i think :D

4 years ago*

also interested in borderlands games, also added a few games that i can offer

4 years ago

or you could just offer me a game

4 years ago

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