I have:

  • 75% off Nexuiz Coupon
    (2 of them)

Nexuiz currently has a 50% OFF SALE (until Oct. 8). Along with this coupon,(which is stackable on the current sale) A Nexuiz 4-Pack costs $3.74! Look HERE.

I will trade a coupon to you, and in return, you will purchase the 4-pack, and gift 2 of them to me. You get to keep 2 ($19.98) and I get 2.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST NOT ALREADY OWN NEXUIZ in your inventory. (From store.steampowered.com "The "Nexuiz 4-Pack" must be purchased for your own account. Once you've completed your transaction, you'll be able to give your three extra copies of the game to friends using the Steam client.")

If you are interested, Comment your username below and then add me.

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You must be on drugs or something!

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how so?

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