I have...


I purchased an RTX card with my choice of 3 games, and have no intention of playing them myself.

I have the activation ready for Metro: Exodus Only!

  • Metro: Exodus EpicGames Key NOT Steam

Deadline for this offer will be March 17. After that date I will sell the code myself.

I want...

I am open to offers before I sell it straight out. I prefer games, something of approximate equal value.
PayPal F&F is acceptable, but not my first choice.

Note: In the extremely unlikely event you have a working Metro Exodus code for STEAM to trade, I'll offer Metro Exodus on EpicGames, plus give you $20 PP F&F, and will activate it for you if you need.

I will retrieve the code of your choice using my own RTX card, so you won't need to do anything.
You will go first, no exceptions. I've been burned once too many times.
I reserve the right to say NO. Or not even answer silly offers.
NO LONG LISTS, I won't even bother to look.

1 week ago*

im interested in metro. paying in paypal. your price?

1 week ago

I would prefer someone offer, rather than throw down a concrete number. But if you prefer it that way I can research and find out how much others are charging, compared to the current retail value.

Do you have an RTX card and GeForce Experience, or will you need someone with those to activate for you?

1 week ago

i would need you to activate

1 week ago

Have a couple of other offers to consider, you'll need to let me know what you are offering.
Card should be delivered sometime in the next 24-48 hours.

1 week ago

[H] Call of Duty Black Ops 4 [W] State of Decay 2 /steamwallet / DotA Arcanas / CS:GO Knife / Offers / Anthem / Battlefield 5 / spellforce 3 + dlcs or other / Pillars of eternity 2 + dlcs or others

pretty much Anthem is what i'd like for it though,out of all that,or some dota arcana ,copy pasting it to Anthem topics on steamtrades.

1 week ago

I have my card installed, and am ready to trade the game of your choice.
You will need a GeForce Experience account in order to accept the game.

I would prefer the game be Metro: Exodus, for obvious reason. Either Paypal, or a game of equal value.
I will take this post down once I have trade the game, or within 48 hours.

6 days ago

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