I have...

Earth 2150 Trilogy
FootLOL: Epic Fail League
Guts and Glory
Kings of Kung Fu
Lovely Planet 2: April Skies
Making History: The Calm and the Storm Gold Edition
Now You See - A Hand Painted Horror Adventure
Septerra Core
Streets of Fury EX
Super Panda Adventures
Super Trench Attack!
Supreme Ruler: Cold War
The Night of the Rabbit
This Strange Realm Of Mine
Toybox Turbos
Verdict Guilty - 유죄 평결
V-Rally 4
Yet Another Zombie Defense HD

I want...

American Truck Simulator DLC
Flight Simulator X
Payday 1 & 2
Brick Rigs
Need For Speed Most Wanted
Sleeping Dogs
Spintires or Mudrunner
RPG Maker MV or MZ
Open to offers...

List will change periodically. Looking for some different games. I'm a fan of simulators, pirate rpgs, shadowrun, etc. Also wanting to see about getting 2 keys for Payday or Payday 2 for me and my fiance. RPG Maker MV or MZ would also be great,

1 week ago

Star Wolves 3
Operation Flash Point

Them are the ones I'm most interested in.

1 week ago

Sure, added

1 week ago

Also looking for Sims 3 & 4

1 week ago*

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