Hi, I'm looking for gamesoffer, TF2 keys or Company of heroes (I'll trade all my games for it).

Here's all I have for trade atm, post your offer here please:)

  • Fallen Enchantress 7 keys

  • LA Noire CE 7 keys

  • Nuclear Dawn (gift) 2 keys

The following are steam's keys:

  • Adventures of Shuggy

  • Closure

  • Edchalon Book II

  • Dungeon The Dark Lord

  • Offspring Fling

  • Party of Sin

  • Shank 2

  • Snapshot

  • The Basement Collection

Any offer is welcome

4 years ago*

Have COH2 and I'm looking for 31 Keys for it...If you have interest tell me

4 years ago

Someone else is offering me the game for 22 keys, thx for the offer anyway

4 years ago

Duke Nukem Forever Complete Pack key for your LA Noire?

4 years ago

No, thx

4 years ago

Closed 4 years ago.