I have a link with all Indie Gala 3&4 stuff:

Indie Gala 3:

-Steam redeemables:

Future Wars 4,49€

Greed: Black Border 4,49€

Trapped Dead 8,99€

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes 9,49€

Twin Sector 4,99€

Flatout 6,99€

-DRM Free:
Gear Grinder 14,99€

+Comics and musics

This pack value more than 50€

Indie Gala 4:

-Steam redeemables:

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution 4,49€

A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda 9,99€

Alien Shooter 4,99€

Alien Shooter 2 4,99€

Disciples II: Gallean's return 5,99€

Altitude 8,99€

Really Big Sky 6,99€

-DRM Free:

Wake 3,49€

Lunnye Devitsy 2,49€

DEADEND: Cerebral Vortex 4,99€


This pack value more than 50€

So these packs value MORE THAN 100€!

I want the Counter-Strike 1 Anthology pack (Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat,

Deathmatch Classic, Ricochet, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero)

This pack costs 11,99€.

(Prices in EU2 zone on Steam, the DRM Free games prices are from Gamersgate.com)

1 decade ago*

But the avg of indiegala 3 early on was 2$ :D

1 decade ago

But the Indie Gala 3 is over now, so can't get that for this price.

1 decade ago

Closed 1 decade ago.