I have...

(3) Choices Matter
(5) Mom's Spaghetti
(4) Labor of Love
(3) Suspension of Disbelief
(2) The World Is Grim Enough
(1) No Apologies
(4) Defies Description
(7) Cry Havoc
(3) Haunts My Dreams
(5) Soul of Vitruvius
(3) Whoooaaaaaaa, Dude! 2.0
(3) Even Better Than I Expected
= Cards (x34)

I want...

Make an offer for all or a CSGO/TF2 key for 1 full set (only 1 full set ATM)
or you can try offering rust skins!

1 year ago*

Thanks for Trade

1 year ago

I need:
(1) Choices matter
(1) Suspension of disbelief
(1) Haunts my dreams

Choose three total of my duplicates:
(3) The World is Grim Enough
(1) Even Better Than I Expected

They're all the same price anyway so I think it's fair.

1 week ago

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