I have...

Operation Hydra Case Key

I want...

Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Tf2 Keys

Want to Exchange my Hydra case keys for Tf2 keys with 1:1 ratio.

1 of My Hydra case key for 1 of Your Tf2 Key

b/o- 1 tf2 key per 1 hydra key

Send an offer. Trade Offer link - https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=88674762&token=85pcWNFU

3 years ago*

accept all keys if you accept 2 tf 2 keys for 1 other (prizm chromo and other)

2 months ago

62х2 = 124 tf 2 and other hydra for 1x1

2 months ago

Hydra Keys I can do 1:1 for all of my hydra keys but not doing 1:2 for other csgo keys.

If you want to exchange your tf2 keys for my hydra keys 1:1 send an offer.

2 months ago

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