So I just had a convo with a Scammer: Impersonator Class!
I posted this in Steamgift before, not Steamtrade!

Just like in games, there are many type of Scammer:

  • Dumb Obvious Class
  • Impersonator Class
  • Buy game, Sell Cheap n get it Revoked Class
  • and Many Others
  • (New Class TBA by

So this is the Victim (Real Person):

And this is the Scammer:


  • NightWalker: Hi, u added me.. whats up?
  • Stevensi1018: hiya any chance you still have dungeon defenders for trade
  • Stevensi1018: ;o
  • NightWalker: yea, have it..
  • NightWalker: what do u offer?
  • Stevensi1018: any game your looking for?
  • NightWalker: Hitman abs..
  • Stevensi1018: thats a bit pricy for dungeons
  • NightWalker: poker
  • NightWalker: poker 2 I mean
  • Stevensi1018: would you take poke 2 for dungeons?
  • Stevensi1018: poker***
  • NightWalker: btw show me ur steam trade acc first
  • NightWalker: ur profile
  • Stevensi1018: its on my profile one sec im in a trade
  • NightWalker: k
  • Stevensi1018: Do you h
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