I have...

πŸ€– Many Bots nearly 24/7 πŸ€–

Time ⏱

  • Idle Master
  • ArchiSteamFarm
  • Idle Daddy

TAGS: Idle Service, Card Farming Service, Game Idler, Trading Card Farming, Servicio Farmeo de Cromos, Card Drops, Idling, Idler, ASF, Archi

I can farm cards from almost any game. Comment your game to confirm n.n

I want...

Just need a game with Steam Cards.

  • πŸ”‘ Steam Game Keys
  • πŸ”‘ Steam CD-Key / CD Key
  • 🎁 Steam Gift

All cards idled are yours. Including Foil Cards.
If you want. I’ll show you what the bot idled to prove that they’re the same cards I’ll be sending you :)

If you want left a tip for the service, I receive it with great affection. Thank you ( ^^)

More games, more time. But in the moment I have all your cards I will send them to you n.n

1 month ago*

hi, can you idle?
Brawl of Ages
RFLEX + Soundtrack

2 weeks ago

can you idle Particula?

1 week ago

Yes! But only one account

1 week ago

Fairy Bloom Freesia
The 39 Steps
Ballpoint Universe
Eryi's Action

Let me know if you can idle any of these.

6 days ago

Yes i can farm all n.n

Fairy Bloom Freesia on 12 Accounts
The 39 Steps on 12 Accounts
Ballpoint Universe on 10 Accounts
Eryi's Action on 11 Accounts

6 days ago


6 days ago

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