Inventory here
Also have good items from the game itself, if you happen to want any.
Have the items from barganing mannes, bundle, (medieval set + polycount set)
noteable items:

I can convert all weaps into refs, if that helps.(have about 80 i can junk, so about 4 ref? I think)
could also possibly get more refs via a friend, so would be nice to know how many refs the game would cost.
][b][color=#A59003]Berliner's Bucket Helm[/color][/b]
[][b][color=#A59003]Big Chief[/color][/b]
][b][color=#A59003]Can Opener[/color][/b]
[][b][color=#A59003]Familiar Fez[/color][/b]
][b][color=#A59003]Ghastlierest Gibus[/color][/b]
[][b][color=#A59003]Grenadier's Softcap[/color][/b]
[][b][color=#A59003]Ol' Snaggletooth[/color][/b]
][b][color=#A59003]Scotch Bonnet[/color][/b]

[*][b][color=#7e7e7e]Aged Moustache Grey[/color][/b]

[][b]Description Tag[/b]
][b]Name Tag[/b]

[][b]Series 7 Crate x 3[/b]
][b]Series 8 Crate x 5[/b]
[][b]Series 9 Crate x 5[/b]
][b]Series 21 Crate[/b]

Also have but hoping not to have to let go of:
The Superfan,The Essential accessories, The Athletic Supporter
and genuine sun on a stick and sharpened volcano fragment.
Don't really know how much stuff go for, so people please help me out :P
contactable at

1 decade ago*

i want desc and name tags and essential accessories and interested in polycount hats. what do you want for this?

1 decade ago

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