I have...

Overwatch (Battle.net) (also have a second copy, revealed gift link but unused key)
Tom Clancy's The Division (Uplay) + Tom Clancy's The Division - Survival (Uplay)

I want...

Have them as Humble Bundle gift links, they were bought from Europe.
I'd like either Paypal for them (I guess around 10 € each, not sure how much they're still worth, ) or some of the games from my want list.
Region locks for The Division should be (according to the Steamgifts thread) : SEA + Europe + Africa + Middle-east countries.

2 weeks ago

I can offer $6 USD for Overwatch (negotiable)?

2 weeks ago


This comment was deleted 1 week ago.

1 week ago

Hmm no

1 week ago

this for Overwatch or The Division
origin access basic account(nov)
Odium to the Core
Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood
Potatoman Seeks the Troof
Last Horizon
The Office Quest
Uurnog Uurnlimited
Dino Run DX

1 week ago

4 tf2 key for overwatch

2 days ago

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