This is an automatic bot service, which help you easy swap your keys between CS:GO, TF2, PUBG's or gems
➤Buy 10 my CSGO keys for 9 your TF2
Buy my 7 TF2 keys for 9 your CSGO

Possible swaps:
CS:GO case keys to Mann Co TF2 crate keys
CS:GO case keys to gems
CS:GO case keys to other CS:GO keys

Mann Co TF2 crate keys to PUBG's Early Bird key
Mann Co TF2 crate keys to gems

Gems to TF2 Mann Co keys
Gems to CSGO keys

All you have to do - check the bot pricelist (in profile) and send him a correct trade offer

4 months ago*

CS: GO (game) to my gems? If yes - how many gems? Source key CS:GO? Any keyshop?

1 month ago

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